Hitting the December sales.

We all know after Christmas everything is price slashed and the alore of getting a bargain is too tempting to pass by. As it’s so busy be tactical when you go shopping. Only buy what you really want and not something because it seems to good to be true. Make a mental list of what you want and where you want to go. Go into stores and go where you need don’t look at everything just what you want. It’s gonna be busy so being speedy saves you being part of the mob standing and staring at every last bargain. Don’t be that person that buys the whole stock buy a few if you must buy remember others might want a bargain too.

I wanted some body products as for the first Christmas in ages I only got one set! With a small amount of body wash I thought well it’s the perfect excuse to go buy myself some luxury items while on sale. I made a note I wanted to go to lush and too boots. Boots was heaving so I went straight to the section I needed too and decided to get a feather and down gift set and sleep mask. I struggle with sleeping so wanted to try their pillow spray and body wash so at half price I jumped at it and was straight to the till. I then went to lush. Lush was pure hell but I’m glad I went in as I went looking for snow fairy but the shelves had been cleared. Wanting to be adventurous I smelt some cookie dough scrub and yog nog products and they smelt Devine so being half price I brought the biggest containers I could and joined the massive que. I loved the smell of the yog nog so much went I went to town again in the evening I ran into lush on hope they had the body spray and they did and half price again I ran to that till! I will hit the sales again at some point but when I have something in mind so I’m not wasteful and buying useless junk.

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