Celebrating Christmas when your a couple.

When you become a couple a time you never really think about is Christmas. You don’t know who you’ll spend it with and where you’ll spend it. You want to be together but also want to see family. The longer you’re together the more comfortable you become with each others family and it becomes less about your family and theirs it becomes our family and time is spent more equally between family’s. But what do you do when you both want to see your family? Firstly it’s about compromise it’s about taking turns each year and alternating plans. It’s about not over booking yourself so you can see everyone and then spend the day flustered and rushed. It’s seeing people on different days and spacing out time longer and not just spending it all with your family as that’s what you’ve done your whole life. My husband didn’t celebrate Christmas exclusively until he was 19 with me so it’s been odd for both of us to find what works but we’ve found what works for us.

We enjoy shopping for family together and when we both worked we payed half for everyone’s presents except each other’s. We enjoy wrapping family presents together and giving them together. We enjoy being together at Christmas and not a part. I’ve been in relationships previously when I’ve not spent Christmas with my other half and it’s felt wrong and I’d never imagine not spending Christmas with my other half now even if some people have no choice. We just love spending time together over the Christmas season and enjoying being a family together with everyone else. We love cuddling up watching films and laughing with others and eating copious amounts of food. This year we most defiantly are going to spend more of Christmas together as a couple/family and spend at our house and try to make our own traditions. We may pop to grandparents quickly but have invited them to ours as we’d prefer to stay home this year or it’ll be a quick visit and day visit for Boxing Day. It’ll be exciting this year as Elijah is understanding Christmas more so we’ll be able to spend Christmas playing with him and relaxing at home a bit more than running with a screaming infant! What have you all got planned for Christmas?!

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