Living near the seaside with a toddler.

Living only a twenty minuite drive to the seaside is something I’ll always be greatfull for. If the weather is nice in the summer it’s only a short drive to beach and there are quite a few beaches around us.

Even in the winter we wrap up warm and breath in that fresh sea air. Having a run on the beach or riding a bike/trike is just as much fun no matter the weather. We’ll spend more time inside on the amusements playing on claw machines and 2p machines. I’ve been lucky to win three toys on them recently so maybe my streak is over and I should avoid them for a while lol! Elijah loves to play on the 2p machines and can easily put 3 pounds down without getting bored.

We love watching the ocean and collecting stones and throwing them in the ocean (even if Elijahs doesn’t go very far). We enjoy watching dogs running and playing and spotting things going by. We love in the summer taking out shoes off and walking in the sand and sometimes paddling in the water. It bad weather we love dressing in our rain coats and wellies and jumping in puddles on the pier. We love watching the ocean no matter the weather but we live it most in windy weather because it’s so fast and beautiful.

We like to go for strolls down the beach too so often will bring Elijahs buggy for when he gets tired of walking for a while and we’ll get lunch or bring a lunch with us and make a day of it. Do you leave near a beach?

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