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I’m really enjoying Elijah being two. I’m enjoying spending time together a lot more as he tells me everything he wants and talks to me now. He asks me to play with him and expresses himself so much more. He is still having tantrums galore but they’re shorter and he understands a bit better when I explain no means no. Although I’m not looking forward to more tantrums I’m still looking forward to watching Elijah continue to blossom into the happy, smart boy he already is! It’s so much more exciting when your kids can talk to you and when they say I love you there’s nothing better.
Nothing can beat a autumn morning walk 🍁🍂
Happy 2nd birradiated to the happiest boy ❤️
Today’s blog post is all about what I do to calm down. Have you been keeping up with my daily blog posts? To read the latest copy the short link or check my bio!
Today’s read for our animal obsessed boy, it’s been raining so much today so we’ve stayed in and read and napped. We’ve both got this horrid cold that’s been going round and sticking to your chest so I’ve been utilising his nap time and napping too. People never tell you how hard being a parent is when both you and your child are ill it is so draining! Currently whacking the heating on and watching hey duggee under blankets!
We’ve spent our evening making Christmas cards. I know it’s early but considering i take like a month to remember to deliver any sort of card it’s probably right on time😂

I shouldn’t feel a need to explain myself when my child has a meltdown. You see my child is one. He cannot understand what is right or wrong yet as he is still learning. Everything is new and he is gathering and learning new information everyday and using that to become a person. He gets angry when he cannot be understood by others or get his own way. I mean who wouldn’t? Shouting the same thing at someone and they still don’t give you what you want or say no? It’s like going for dinner and someone saying no to everything you want and you don’t know how to react. He will try to communicate with me and everyone around him with the only mean of communication he has ever known since the womb which is to cry. If he cry’s he knows he will get what he wants. Be it food, a cuddle or anything atall he knows he will get what he wants. But he is older now. People judge him more when he throws something he doesn’t want on the floor. Nobody would of judged him a year ago as a precious baby throwing something. He looks silly when he screams and cry’s on the floor because he doesn’t want to go in his pram or has decided he doesn’t want to walk anymore. He’s tired but he can not communicate that with you. You just guess what he wants until you understand what he wanted all along.

It’s hard on the mother too. The mother has probably dealt with a ton of these tantrums before today’s and is exhausted from the guessing games. The mother try’s everything to persuade him to behave such as snacks, water, cuddles, toys and to try and explain at times when he is not aloud something why to sort of bargain good behaviour. The mum is drained and is very nervous when in public. Not because of their child’s behaviour as this happens at home constantly because it is their safe place, but because when they are out people stare. People stare and talk and loudly moan and make the mother feel like pure shit. It’s quite normal to feel ashamed when someone is making a dig at you but you shouldn’t be. Being a mother is bloody hard work and raising a child to be a responsible, kind and well behaved child is even harder. If you see the mother trying her best just cary on your day and ignore them. They don’t need eyes and to feel the heat of embarrassment .They are already struggling with the feeling of their eyes tearing up and the lump in their throat growing larger the louder and more aggravated a tantrum gets. It’s so damn hard for the mother. The mother also does not need you getting involved and undermining her and making things worse and harder to control so just try to back off and ignore what’s going on as quite frankly it’s nobody’s business.

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