Why you need a flower wreath in your life

Why you need a flower wreath in your life

After Christmas the doors are stripped of their beautiful wreaths and laid naked to the winters crisp. As spring and summer creeps round you see the odd flower here and there and it makes you smile. Something that beautiful should be captured in our own homes.

After seeing a few celebrities with the most beautiful floral wreaths I decided I needed one in my life too. There is something about having a dressed up door that makes your house look a little bit more like a home! Others walk past and point to it saying how beautiful it is, making all your neighbours envious.

When the lovely violet and flo gifted me the most beautiful wreath i never new how much I needed one. I have been transformed! My door looks fancy and I feel fancy. It’s that bit of elegance I never new I needed. The care that’s gone into these is astounding. The quality is so high they look real. I will be taking it in harsher weather conditions so I can use it year after year.

Dress your door with a bit of elegance and if not dress your house! I’m thinking about swapping mine to inside when my bedrooms decorated to bring that bit of class and originality.

You can order from the lovely violet and flo here and find her Instagram below too!



Shop small and keep smiling, Charlie x

Having 5 generations in the family at once.

Having 5 generations in the family at once.

At the weekend we celebrated another of my grandmas birthdays by popping round with some flowers to brighten up her day. She was absolutely over the moon with them which goes to show spending a fortune isn’t everything it’s the thought that counts. My grandma as I call her is my great grandma as I call my mums mum nanny. This makes my grandma my sons great-great grandma meaning that there are five generations at once. It’s an incredible gift having so many family members at once and being able to have my child spend time with older generations too.

I’ve always loved my grandma as she always used to tell me about her time in the land army from planes being shot down and her being chased from German fighters too her riding tractors and doing a hard days work. She’d tell me how she lived on the road I live on now and that her house was bombed in the blitz and she has 7 brothers and sisters all share the house with her and the mum and dad. As someone who loves history I’ve always enjoyed reminiscing and enjoying family time with grandparents too. Time Is precious but memories last forever…