Finding my own style since becoming older.

Finding my own style since becoming older.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve sort of find my own style now. I no longer go for what’s in fashion but instead things I like the look of. I sometimes go out of my comfort zone and buy something wild i would never wear. For years I’ve avoided dresses and skirts and retreated to my comfy leggings and jeans a little too tight that still do up.

This year I’ve really enjoyed buying clothes. I’ve tried thrift shopping a lot more and have been buying from new shops and treating myself. I’ve found a new love of joules and Laura ashley clothing. It’s soft, hard wearing and stylish. The patterns are a bit more sophisticated but timeless so there is no time stamp on whatever you buy there. I’ve experimented with shoes and brought my first pair of knee high boots at the expense of my poor feet. Who knew a high boot would hurt as much as high heels on a night out!

I’ve been experimenting with skirts and dresses having been so hot and I’ve signally found dresses and skirts I like that are both cosy and stylish. I have found George’s jeans and skirts to be the best sizing to my size with comfort. I’ve brought lots of new bags and accessories to my outfit because just because I have to be prepared as a mum doesn’t mean I can’t have a nice bag! But most of all I think I’ve found me. I’ve been wearing clothes I honestly love and don’t second guess myself in. Even if that does mean my wardrobe is full of my ever growing collection of navy striped tops.

My view on plastic surgery

One thing I’m always seeing online these days is the kardashians/ Jenner’s being ripped apart for the work they’ve had done. Obviously they have ALL had work done but why does this get people so angry.

I mean for me I don’t care if someone has plastic surgery to make them self feel good. If you can afford it and you know you’re gonna feel more comfortable with your appearance go for it. I honestly if I had the money would get my fat sucked from my stomach and sculpted into the best ass anyone ever did see. But I’m not saying people should change how they look because they don’t like what they see. I mean we’re all becoming conditioned to look a certain way but we have to see our own beauty sometimes.

Sometimes we have to think I know it could be better but I love it anyway. The thing I have a issue with particularly with the kardashians is they don’t admit they have had work done. I don’t agree with this atall as it makes people think this is how they should look when none of its real. If they admitted the surgery they had done then maybe children and adults would stop aiming to be like this and realise everyone has insecurities. I mean I can’t judge someone for changing their appararence when I do the same when I style my hair and do my make up to make me look different so I can’t judge someone for having some Botox put in.

I don’t agree with people who have plastic surgery to get publicity and look silly on purpose I.e the human kendoll and the cat guy. I completely understand they may be happy as they are or unhappy but to damage yourself over and over with irreversible damage for some money and publicity isn’t exactly great or putting out a great message. But who am I to judge! What’s your opinion on plastic surgery? Comment below!!

Where i buy my toddlers clothes.

Where i buy my toddlers clothes.

Something I get asked a lot is where I shop for Elijah. Ever since he was little I’ve always brought him the best and adore what he wears. I’d never put him in something I wasn’t jealous they didn’t sell in a adult size. I may look like a bucket of poop but my son sure as hell is going to look rad. His wardrobe is bigger than mine and that’s saying something!

So where do I buy his clothes? Well I normally buy Elijahs clothes on the high street. I buy some designer stuff but I buy it on sale in a size up or tk maxx its all about being vigilant with a good bargain. So where do I shop?

H&M they are really good for tops with animals and they’re only like 2.99 a top which is quite good in 2-3 years.

Primark I buy jeans from you can’t really tell where they are from and get worn so quickly it’s worth just replacing them on the cheep. They also sometimes have some good tops and bits and pieces.

Next. Next is my favourite most of the stuff I buy Elijah is from their everything’s a good quality, washes well and looks amazing. I normally won’t buy Elijah a coat from anywhere else but next they’re very thick and great material. A bit more pricey but you can get some good multipacks deals and they always have sales on.

Joules. I love joules but will only buy him bits on sale or deal.

Jojo maman Bebe. Absolutely love their bits and always will.

M&S. A lot of people forget they sell clothes and sometimes they do really cute bits although a bit dear.

Gap. I love gaps clothes and sometimes will buy a bundle.

Supermarkets. I’ll often buy rain Macs and bits that catch my eyes here. I buy a lot of Elijahs shoes and wellies from Asda.

Blue zoo. They’re jeans are great quality and look great on and they have lots of nice tops and jumpers too.

Boots. I love their pjs and have brought Elijah lots here. I’ve brought him a denim jacket recently and new pjs and a dressing gown and he looks cute as heck.

Boden. I love their leggings and buy from here when I can.

Mothercare. Not just for baby’s although a lot of the store is genuinely for baby’s. Should be called baby care!

The monochrome baby. I brought personalised bits in the past with Elijahs name and age on and they have lasted so long and not faded or become less soft atall and cheep considering completely personalised.

Overall I’ll shop anywhere really but I love buying in store and I’ve also been known to sniff out a second hand bundle or two in my time!