Christmas gift guide- personalised hooray heroes books.

Christmas gift guide- personalised hooray heroes books.

Disclaimer- this is a gifted item sent for this post.

As you have seen before I was previously sent a book for Father’s Day for Elijah too give you his dad as a present! We absolutely loved this book so when they asked us to try another we couldn’t say no! With Christmas coming up and my dads birthday I thought this would be the perfect time to order for my dad something from Elijah they can read together!

So making the book is quick and easy you can customise everything about the characters to freckles and hair styles! You put your family’s names in and have chance to dedicate a page to them too! The personalisation is lovely and makes it a truly unique gift. As well as personalising it you can choose what stories you have in the book too!

Elijah already loves it and says he can’t wait to wrap up for grandads birthday as he’s starting to understand birthdays more. He knows that it is Elijah and grandad on the front too! My dad is quite young so it’s great that he is still able to look his age in the book too which I find is a issue when buying personalised gifts for a grandparent.

These books are fantastic quality and made to last for years! I am excited to give him a great keep sake he can have for years to come and store away for memories as Elijah gets older. Maybe he will give back to Elijah when he is older too!

They sell plenty of different stories and personalised bits so make the perfect place for presents for parent, grandparents or even themselves! Go check them out at or

Thanks for reading! Charlie-Jane!

Book club: Kindle reads- March 2020

Book club: Kindle reads- March 2020

So i did a little poll on my Instagram to see if people wanted to see more of my book reviews and what i have been reading each month. Surprisingly a lot of people asked me to do it so here i am. So welcome to my first book club! I will be doing a read along to The Rumour by Lesley Kara if you want to grab a copy and read along with me… So far i’m at chapter two if you’re reading this and want to chat about it going through the book together. But for now here’s some Kindle books I’ve brought on deal for a pound or so in a quick sale (always keep your eyes peeled for deals on the kindle store! This month i haven’t read to many books but here’s some of my favourites i have read recently.

The man who didn’t call by Rosie Walsh. Currently 1:99 on the kindle store.This book is about a woman (Sarah) who falls in love in a short amount of time and she thinks shes found the one after recently splitting from her husband of many years . Then the next day he disappears of the face of the earth. Voicemails left and no response…. It’s interesting to see peoples developments in the book and learn about the characters in depth. It does leave you wondering what has happened and where is Eddie? The first half takes a lot to get through, it is a bit all over the place and goes on for too long but the second half is when you get into the book so to say. I’d rate this 3 stars i am unsure whether i liked it or not. It was in some places boring but other points quite gripping.

The Lido by Libby Page. Currently 4:99 on the kindle store. Well what can i say about this book? Other then it’s one of the greatest books i have ever read! I really had low expectations of this book as it really isn’t my normal read but i saw someone was reading it so i thought i’d try it too and it was on deal at the time. The book follows several characters and their relationship to the lido that is at threat of being closed down by the council to build new flats. I fell in love with every character and getting to know them as if they where old friends or even me. The history of Rosemary who is one of the oldest users of the pool in her 80’s going swimming everyday since she was tiny and even in the war. I also love learning about Kate who is desperately lonely and depressed and how she comes out of her shell making friends with rosemary. You get to know how places can form attachments because of the memories that happen there. Beautifully written and at sometimes heartbreaking it is the ultimate feel good book i couldn’t put down. A must read and 5 stars for sure!

Half a world away by Mike Gayle. Currently 4:99 on the kindle store. If you want a book that’s going to take your heart throw it against the floor and stomp on it and cause a full on ugly cry this book is for you! A brother and sister separated by adoption and the foster care system find each other again after many years later. The book follows Kerry a single mum struggling to make ends meet or searches for her brother to reconnect after missing him and searching for years. Noah who is a very well off and happily adopted finds his sister after she tracks him down and leaves him questioning who he really is. The book really shows how different classes do not matter when family is involved. I won’t say much more as there is some BIG BIG twists and turns in this book which will leave you sobbing your heart out and falling in love, 6 stars out of five wouldn’t be enough..

The tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. Currently 2:85 on the kindle store. This story follows Lale a Jewish man who is forced to work at Auschwitz. It shows his story and is based on true events that happened in Auschwitz. The book shows the horrible treatment of the Jewish people by the SS and the barbaric living conditions. It’s a truly heartbreaking read one that made me truly grateful for the life i live and thankful. If you’re into history and war related thing like me this is as close to the truth of what happened as you can get while relating to a character and his struggle. This is based on a true story. I won’t divulge to much but this a must read it’s a five star from me.I have the sequel Cilkas journey in my library to read soon!

The chain by Adrian McKinty . Currently 0.99 on Kindle store. The book is about children that are kidnapped and their parents have to choose whether to kidnap someone else’s child to save their child or their child will be murdered if they break the chain. Really thrilling and gets you hooked from the start. Peoples decisions will surprise you! 4 out of five stars!

So there you have my kindle reads for march look out for my April book club coming at the end of April! Stay safe, keep reading!

Why i love kindle unlimited

Why i love kindle unlimited

Since getting my new kindle it’s been no secret I’ve been reading a lot more ebooks than I normally would. However since buying my kindle I still read paper copy’s too. There’s something about a new book that excites me to no end. But one thing I don’t really do is read outside of my comfort zone. I don’t experiment and read something random I have to really want a book to spend money on it. But I have felt this has hindered my chance to read good books as I have so heavily limited myself in the past.

This was until I decided to give kindle unlimited a try. Kindle unlimited is a very large ever growing collection of ebooks you can read and then return to read different ones. You don’t have to buy each individual book and you don’t have to have a ever growing collection. Instead you just pay a set price a month which doesn’t exactly break the bank and is only really the cost of one new book a month.

Since purchasing kindle unlimited i have read lots of new books I would not normally of read. I have read different genres and haven’t just stuck to what is popular and in the shop window with a pretty little front cover. I’ve took the time to read the blurb and decided there and then if I’m interested to read it. My favourite thing is not that I get to read different things but that I get to return them so I don’t take up loads of space in either my kindle or my ever growing bookshelf/magazine holders/ spaces on the floor/any stack of books on a surface collections. I also love that I can read the books anywhere so if I forget my kindle I can read on my phone or anything that has the app and my amazon log In.

I’m excited to read more and find more books that I wouldn’t normally read and get lost in the adventure that is reading.

A book everyone should read

A book everyone should read

A book I’ve seen a few times in the book stores but always forgot to buy is The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. This is a beautifully illustrated and written book for all ages. For people going through a rough patch, for children learning that they are enough and they’re feelings are valid this simple little book may just be one of the best books I’ve read. It’s short and sweet and only takes about ten minutes to read so perfect for children too. I brought this book in the mindset of reading it to my little boy as he gets older and when he is older giving it to his children. It’s so simple and perfect and really is a beautiful read and really made me feel happier reading it.

I resonated with the book a lot and a few of the quotes I will keep in mind for the future when I have certain feelings experienced in the book. I want my son to be raised in a world knowing that feelings mater and are normal and that he is enough and he cannot base his feelings on others or rush through life without living in the slow lane. So get the book, borrow the book, download the book and read it. Read it to yourself, to your children or to your family or friends. The perfect mental health booster and feel good book.

Books which teach little ones life lessons.

Books which teach little ones life lessons.

When choosing books for little ones i always just get fun books i think he will enjoy bright and colourful is the main thing i like to look for. However i saw a few books in the works on deal and for 3 for 5 it was hard not to not browse. I had spent quite a while looking for little books that teach lessons in a kind way and these books do just that.

Tiger has a tantrum is the first book that I looked at it is something that grabbed my attention straight away. Elijah is really going through the tantrum stage and this book teaches him how to understand his feelings and not be naughty. Essentially it uses pictures and words to explain this in a nice kind way as well as the other books.

It’s not always easy to share The book about sharing is also a good book which shows from the child’s perspective that is having other children snatch from them.It shows how the act of snatching makes them feel bad and how the other child is snatching. It shows also something as a mum i didn’t realise i did and make my child share everything because another child wants it. I know think and tell Elijah to tell the other child done he is playing right now and they can play together or wait till her is done. It shows what its like for that person when you snatch from and teaches not to snatch and you do not always have to share. A very intresting take on explaining sharing which would be great for older brothers or sisters.

My favourite book is Harrison Spader personal space invader. This book is really great it teaches not to squeeze when cuddling, touch other people all the time, sit to close and lots of other things. One thing ive found with elijah is that he can be very cuddly, i love this about him but hes started cuddling children so hard they fall over a bit of gentle guidence is really good.

I know at this age hes not going to take in the information but reading over and over as he gets older i think hell learn and it will help him understand more about his feelings and others. If it can help Elijah with tantrums, sitting on us constantly and insisting on rugby tackling his mates with love i am all for it.

What do i prefer a Kindle or a book?

What do i prefer a Kindle or a book?

Something i have always loved is reading since having a child i kind of let it slide into the background picking up a book maybe once every other month or so and not completing it. Since Elijah started to get into a bit of a routine and i have given up social media more i am enjoying the free time and using that time getting into a good book so my love of reading is back.

I’m trying to go through my book shelf and finish off my books i’m yet to read so i can buy more on my kindle. I recently was brought by my lovely husband a new kindle after my old one bust and i love it. It is so light and easy to read from and is back lit so i can read i’m the dark. I can read for hours without getting tired arms which i find i do reading books. I don’t requite a bookmark to not loose where i am i simply close my case and it saves the page and turns off.

I quite enjoy the new book smell and going into a book shop and choosing a new book and its a perfect thing to buy as a gift and others can borrow your book. However… i can order a new book CHEAPER from my phone and read immediately wherever i am taking up the least amount of space in my bag. I also don’t like the paper wastage of all the books i have and that books sometimes cannot utilise the space well.

However this is good for reading for children books they are black and white so children are not as engaged with the little colour so would be best for a older child young adult. So i will stick to proper books for our little guy for now although he does have a kindle fire and enjoys some books in colour on there.

Rediscovering my love of reading.

Rediscovering my love of reading.

One thing I’ve done since taking a cleanse of social media is read more. My books that I have been buying but not “having the time to read” had been gathering dust on my overcrowded book shelf.

Since giving up social media for my mental health I’ve had so much time! After cleaning the house I have so much free time now so I choose to read a book or watch a tv or both at same time loosely listening or reading. I read all sorts and I’m currently in between two books. I’m taking a break from reading the flat share mainly because I left it downstairs one night and couldn’t be bothered to fetch it so started a new book. I am hooked at the moment reading the tattooist of auschwitz which I’m reading on my kindle. I’ve polished of three books in the last week I have not been glued to my phone and it’s amazing I feel my brain working and like I’m transported somewhere else where the stress just disappears while i am in my imagination.

I’ve also been brought a new kindle from my lovely husband which I adore. My old kindle had been broken for a year and in usable and I hate using kindle on iPhone/iPad/kindle fire as the blue light gives me a headache and I’m tempted to go on social media or I get a notification and I’m distracted. This way it’s comfortable and feels lighter than my phone and I have a unlimited library for my books instead of my bookshelf’s pile either side that’s growing.

One thing I will recommend to anyone who’s feeling particularly stressed. Get off your phone. Search for a good book and read it. Take your time it’s no rush and relax let your mind escape and focus on something else. It also gives you something positive to talk about other than what you’ve seen of Facebook/ Twitter or instagram today.