February’s Birchbox

February’s Birchbox

It’s that time again! And boy do I get excited for that little pink box to come to my door! The great thing about birch box is the complete surprise down to until it arrives at your door basically! After having a pretty busy day I was thrilled to come home to my package and sneak a peak inside.

A few days ago I received this lovely little box which I presume is Valentine’s Day themed with all the pink and reds and heart print box! I adore the box design as it reminds me of my Emma bridgewater bits so have kept it to organise bits in my drawer! The box had tissue paper shreds so it made a nice change although I found it a bit wasteful as what was I to do with it? That aside a lovely presented box this time around with everything inside matching with the colours! So I’ve tried all the products so here’s a bit of a review too!

Amika exfoliating shampoo, this is to exfoliate your scalp while you was your hair basically. I really didn’t like the feeling of it and I had to rinse a lot to soap up but I can confirm my scalp felt good but I probably won’t be purchasing in the future.

Lip mask! I was sceptical as I’ve seen these advertised and thought wow people just want to look silly… but I tried it to see what all the fuss us about. It felt really nice when I put it on and felt nice and cooling and odd. When. I took it off I was so surprised it had made a small difference. My lips looked fuller and perkier without looking fake. I have small lips so I felt great!

Lord and berry lip pencil. A lovely pencil that does the job the red is a very good stain and can be used with other lipsticks to define or on own as more of a tint. Is a little drying but if you moisturise first it’s all good!

The blush wasn’t really my colour so I’ve given to my mother who she says is quite lovely but when I tried it on although I looked a bit toasted the formula is lovely and soft!

Space masks. Although they’re only single use they are so calming and soothing. As I struggle with sleep this was the perfect item to receive ! I instantly felt calmer and relaxed with it on. My eyes felt relaxed and heavy. I soon fell to sleep in a tranquil state like being at a spa!

I hope you enjoyed my post and I’ll see you soon for more!

January birchbox

January birchbox

Today my birchbox arrived and I was very excited, not just because of the fact it arrived but because it was my birthday and it was like a unexpected present! Nothing beats a package of unexpected goodies! So let’s look inside!

So what was inside? First of all the box was beautiful it’s a collab with Rochelle Humes. You know the woman from the Saturdays and talent shows now. It’s a really pretty box and looks like a marble, rose gold design. I opened it up and the products inside where so pretty and quite varied. I got some conditioner which I love because I’m actually running out of conditioner so it’ll last me till my next shop and it’s something new to try! Next up I got a vasanti brighten up exfoliating. It’s something new to try and who doesn’t live a good facial exfoliate. It’s vegan and 99 percent natural which is better than tones of rubbish being used on your face! I also got a moisturiser by green frog botanic, I’ve already used some and it smells amazing, my skin is soft and a little goes a long way. I’ll be keeping this in my bag as perfect travel size. The most extorting product was my jade roller by Melusine. I’ve wanted one for years as I’ve heard good things about the power of crystals and how great it is for skin. So it’s saved me forgetting to buy one again whenever I see one in a store. Another little cute sample was my glow milk in just dew it. I got to choose this sample which has been great as I finally get a colour that matches my skin which I love. I can’t wait to use it and it is totally adorable. I am excited for next months!

What I got in my December birchbox.

What I got in my December birchbox.

I’d apologise for this being a late post if this wasn’t my first box and having only received it today but none the less here we go. I’ve tried quite a few beauty boxes and even kept with glossy box for a year but I felt the products weren’t really me. My cousin have me a load of make up she’d been receiving in her birchbox that she can’t use due to eczema around her eyes and lipsticks she had doubles off. I was rather impressed so when I saw they had a half price deal on for your first birch box I leaped at the chance.

So it’s not took too long since ordering but again it’s been busy due to being over Christmas and New Years period. You can tailor to your beauty needs and looking at past boxes I thought the bits look like things I would like and I want to try new things! You can sometimes choose what goes in your box aswell like the colour you like or something along those lines.

So today it came and it wasn’t in a box! It came in a luxury velvet pouch which I absolutely love! I git a similar pouch for Christmas from my husband so they’ll match perfectly! It’s really soft and pretty and fits quite a bit I’m excited to sort through my make up later and use it properly. I got a rituals shower oil which sounds and smells amazing and is supposed to moisturise in the shower. I love soft skin so I’m excited to use this and have used rituals products before and loved! I also received a eyeshadow brush which you can’t go wrong with! It feels super soft and is to go with the full size forgive me Suzie eye shadows. I love rose gold eyeshadows so these will do me nicely for a natural dewy look. I also got a hair treatment wrap which I can confirm my hair defiantly needs after having it dyed recently! I also got a night cream which will always come in handy for travelling or just casual use. I also got a sponge soap from daily concepts which I’m eager to try.

I’m excited for my next box to arrive now and use all these lovely products! Thanks for reading!