Lola-Rae candles review

Lola-Rae candles review

Hi ladies and gentlemen welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I’d do something a little bit different and view a small businesses candles selection. They kindly sent me some to try in exchange for a review so here we are! Anyone who knows me that my thing is candles and I probably have about 50 candles and wax melts in my house at any one time! So one could say I’m a bit of a snob. My usual go to candles are sweet or homey smells. My all time favourite brands are yankee candles and sand and fogs range all the way from the untied states. One could say I have a expensive taste. However that doesn’t mean I don’t partake in the occasional home bargains candle and hope for the best. So without further adue let’s get into this review. And from just opening the box and smelling the goodies inside I know it’s going to be a good one!

So first impressions. The candles come very well packaged with very little risk of breakage. The packaging is sleek and simplistic my sort of style. I hate bright in your face candles that look like a Poundland special. Sorry Poundland it’s not personal. The candle box is simplistic and pretty it reminds me of something I can’t put my finger quite on! The jars are simple and pretty again with their logo on and the chosen scent. I love these jars because when they’re empty I wash them up and use to store bits and bobs in them like sweets or cotton wall. The wax melts are absolutely adorable and I love the little tiny size it goes to show a little goes a long way. The heart shape is really quite pretty. Lastly but not least the snap pods are in a easy tub which you simply pop the lid of, again sleek and elegant design. All of their products come with safety advice clearly highlighted on the back which i think is such a fantastic idea!

First up is the candle. This candle is Thyme, olive & bergamot. First of all this candle completely took me by surprise. I opened up to sniff and oh my god I was completely taken aback. The smell is so strong and fresh and filled my nostrils up with the fresh smell. I absolutely love it. Dare I say it? I found it stronger than a yankee candle. I know. That good! I’d describe the smell as similar to a men’s aftershave. It reminds me of my husband and I know he will absolutely love it too. Obviously as it’s a candle they’ll be a long burn time which is always a bonus. Plus it looks so pretty in my bedroom and living room or even my bathroom.

Onto the wax melts. I’d say these are to buy to sort of try a product before buying. These would be prefect for small little burners around the house.

Sun washed linen is the next scent I got to trial! I love the smell of laundry on a washing line and this is that exact smell. It reminds me of elijah being a baby and hanging his washing out and giving it a big sniff. I adore this smell and can’t wait to burn it.

Peony’s are my favourite flowers so naturally I love anything peony related. My wedding bunch included one and my anniversary flowers have the most beautiful bulbs about to bloom! This scent has lychee in too! It smell phenomenal and fresh. It also smells fruity and like a sweet I am in love with this one and want a big candle! WOW!

Next up we have the pink champagne and pomelo. Again they smell really strong and beautiful. A slightly fancy smell perfect as a gift. Again the fruit in it makes a fresh fruity smell which really works well with the champagne! Very sweet and lovely.

Snap pod up next! Easy to snap one out and pop in your burner. This one is black Raspberry &Peppercorn . This is a soft smell. Very soothing

I was kindly gifted these items and all opinions are my own and honest. I will be purchasing again once I’ve used them all up. Very soothing and warming smell. Smells like a homey smell which is one of my favourite things about a candle.

So that’s everything. They all burn well and my house smells amazing no matter which one I use. I imagine they’ll last a long time and i have got to say I’m really impressed these may be my favourite candles I have ever had. The perfect gift and the perfect everyday purchase. No mater your budget they’re very affordable.

They sell wax melts, snap pods, Reed diffusers and of course candles! The best thing about them is the candles are non toxic. You can find them on Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook! Shop them here:

You can follow and see all updates on their Instagram here:

To get a discount they have kindly given a 10% off voucher just enter the code – THEHAZELWOODS

Do check this lovely family run company named after their adorable little dog! Remember to shop small and support small businesses where you can! They are also donating 10 percent of may revenue to nhs charities.

As always it’s been a pleasure thanks Charlie!

Finding out I have a neurological disorder:

Finding out I have a neurological disorder:

This is something I have been struggling to come to terms with and with my health anxiety at a high I tried as hard as I could not to research my disorder but I decided it was in my best interest to know what I’m battling. So basically, a few months ago I found out I have functional neurological disorder. It’s been quite upsetting to accept but I guess it’s a part of me now and something I just have to take in whether I want to or not.

How I found out I have functional neurological disorder:

To cut a long story short, I had INTENSE shoulder pain radiating from my arm to my chest. I put of going to the doctors due to trying to over come my health anxiety and i was sent to the doctors by counsellor who could see i was getting breathless from the pain. When i got there my arm had started to become numb and i thought it was just a seriously intense pulled muscle. They where worried and sent me immediately to the hospital. When i arrived i had numerous neurological work ups, bloods and x-rays and a ct scan. They believed i had a stroke but after the ct scan couldn’t pick up anything i was sent home with very strong painkillers and told to come back if it got no better. A few days later i lost function completely in the arm. I ignored it but then i got so much pain in my chest i had a asthma attack from struggling to breath. I called 111 where they where going to send a ambulance out again worrying i’d had a stroke. Instead we drove to a and e after waiting and cancelled the ambulance. After being in a and e again they did more extensive checks this time and after being poked and prodded by around 8 different people we came to a conclusion i needed more tests. The stroke team came down this time and could see i had lost function and worked out my reflexes are less down one side of body and on that side i couldn’t feel as much and was a lot weaker than my other side. I was sent for a MRI scan and sent to the stroke ward. They discovered after more testing that i have functional neurological disorder. I was discharged with not much information other then a website and a letter confirming to my doctor i have functional neurological disorder.

What is functional neurological disorder?

Basically suffers with functional neurological disorder have problems with their nervous systems functioning. It effects the signals by brain wants to send to my body parts. The body wants to communicate something and cannot. The messages get confused and this causes the body to be confused. The pain is real. The symptoms are real. The symptoms are very similar to those who are experiencing/have experienced a stroke and very similar to those suffering other neurological problems such as MS.

The symptoms of functional neurological disorder:

  • Non epileptic seizures.
  • numbness.
  • Inability to use a part of the body.
  • Conversion disorder.
  • Weak limbs.
  • Confusion.
  • Fatigue.
  • Paralysis.
  • Speech issues.
  • Numbness/ tingling feelings.
  • Pain.
  • Vision disturbance.
  • Tremors.
  • Spasms.
  • Irritable bowel and increased urination.

Causes of functional neurological disorder:

  • Childhood trauma.
  • Mental health issues.
  • Chronic pain (yay endometriosis).
  • Stress

Is there a cure?

In short no. Study’s have shown that Physiotherapy and counselling can help individuals but it is not completely effective. Pain relief can help but again does not cure and you could become addicted from taking pain killers to frequently.

Will I get worse?

At the moment I have no idea what will happen. Some days are better then others with the pain. I’m normally okay and then after some sort of stress or over working myself I’m in pain again. For now I try not to think of the future and think of today. I’m grateful for my family and friends and my health I have today. I won’t worry about the future until I’m firmly in it.

As always thanks for reading love Charlie x

London v Ipswich: What it’s like being single in each. (A guest post by @itsallcominguprosy )

London v Ipswich: What it’s like being single in each. (A guest post by @itsallcominguprosy )

Hi everyone,

First thing first, I am not Charlie. Underwhelming, I know. 

My name is Ella and I run the lifestyle blog, It’s All Coming Up, Rosy. I’ve known Charlie since high school, and as we’re both bloggers, we decided to combine forces and do a guest blog for one another. Are you excited? I’m excited.

Now, you all won’t know this but I live in London right now, and I’m also very single/ may be in love with my ex-boyfriend. Oh, I know, it’s super healthy.

So, keeping all that in mind, I wanted to do a little blog post about what it is like being single in London compared to being single in Ipswich. Brace yourselves.


The club scene

I can’t begin to describe to you how much fun it is to dress up with my housemates, get ridiculously drunk, take an abundance of pouty selfies and go out in London. The clubs are stupidly expensive, but there’s always an Instagrammable gimmick or deal to pull you in, and you can always guarantee an incredible night out. There’s nothing quite like stumbling through the City not knowing what may happen, not knowing with who, but either way, there will be someone new everywhere you look.

The men 

The men in London are a different breed. Sometimes it feels like London is a very arrogant, very exclusive club I get to be apart of it. It has its downfalls – the feeling of needing to look a certain way, act certain way, live in a certain area. But it has its perks. 

Because with it, comes the men. The choice of any kind of person. Pop on any dating app and you will find the arrogant, incredibly attractive bankers, the Shoreditch artist types, the out-of-my-league Instagram models, the dreamy expats… you get the picture.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m even dating or not, but the choice is there and that’s part of the fun and temptation.

The London standard

I have a friend who was seeing a guy who took them to THE SHARD on their first date. Like? She didn’t even really like him, but goodness, that’s setting a high standard.

And with an abundance of things to do, you never get bored in London. That means no chance of a boring date.

If you want something touristy, head to one of the numerous landmarks. You got some money to burn? Go down to Kensington and Chelsea. Feeling bougie restaurant? There’s plenty.

It’s all very impressive. 

The attitude

No one cares what you do in London. No one will question you, or query. There are so many different people doing different things that when it comes to dating, it doesn’t matter how you go about it.

One week, I went on three different dates. I was so tired, but I had so much fun. But no one questioned me or my motives, they just asked me how they went.

A couple of months ago I was clubbing at G-A-Y, I met a sweet girl and got her number. No one cares. You just do what you like, with whoever you like.


The club scene 

The club scene is… well, limited in Ipswich. 

It’s not a bad thing, you know exactly what you’ll get from each place. In fact, there’s something quite comforting about getting dressed up, going round a friend’s house, getting wasted and then going out. It’s innocent, tender.

And it’s also great being able to walk home. I don’t recommend you do it, at all. And I really shouldn’t. But I’ve walked home many times in Ipswich and it’ll take about 40 minutes, in heels. One time, I walked home drunk in London, in converse, and it took me over an hour. 

That was a very fuzzy night. 

The men 

What an interesting breed they are in Ipswich… 

My main problem with dating in Ipswich is that I already know everyone. Sometimes I’ve gone on Tinder just to see who I know on there, it’s a very easy and fun way to kill 10 minutes.

Not only that, but here’s a snapshot of the type of men on there: Lad, Lad, some boy named Callum, Lad, Farmer, Lad, Lad, Drug dealer. The dating pool isn’t exactly large, and while London’s men may be much of the same and more arrogant, at least, there’s more hope. 

The Ipswich standard

Now, I’m actually a big relationship girl. So, bar me dating in London, I haven’t been on too many dates in Ipswich as an adult. I moved to Birmingham for university at 18-years-old, and then came back at 21 and was in a relationship with an Essex boy six months later. 

So, our first date, we went to a pub and then went to Zizzi’s. No problem what-so-ever. Not nearly as fun as London, but with limited resources, it can’t be helped.

Our second date though was delightful. The company helped a lot, but we went to Felixstowe and played arcade games and walked on the beach.

Ipswich can be lovely, just in a different way. 

The attitude 

Here’s Ipswich’s main problem. Everyone knows everything about everyone. You bump into your neighbour, who’s hairdresser is a girl you went to school with.

The links are too close for my personal liking. I can’t get away with anything here without someone else knowing about it.

While it may be a nice, tight-knit community for some, for me, it just feels like a lot of people know about my dating life.

But hey, you can’t have it all. 

And… that sums it up from me. I’m going to go swipe on Tinder now. 

Stay safe, 


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Messy play in partnership with Hartley’s fruit !

Messy play in partnership with Hartley’s fruit !

Hi all as we reach day 2636526 in lock down we’ve been thinking of ways to keep our little one busy and thought why don’t we share those ideas with you. The lovely people at Hartley’s fruit gifted us lots of jelly to share with others what we get up to with jelly!

I know what your thinking jelly? That’s just for eating? Well yeah it’s for eating BUT you can also play with it. You can hide things in it and explore the texture as you try to fish bits out of it! SO if you’re looking for a cheep and easy activity then look no further!

All you need is jelly, you can buy Hartley’s jelly in most supermarkets and corner shops as well as online! Then you can get inventive. I like to set a theme today I used Elijahs little dinosaurs and we had a dinosaur theme. We have previously done jungle animals, the lion king theme and we’ve even used fruit too! If your child is still at age where everything is in the mouth I suggest bigger toys they can’t choke on or cut up fruit!

How to make: Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and when it’s starting to cool out the fruit or toys in. Then when it is completely cool put in the fridge to set for a few hours I suggest a minimum of three hours!

Now the fun part! Get it out and put some old clothes on and get ready to get messy! Get some tools out if you wish, I got a spoon but we’ve previously used whisks, chopsticks and lots more to squish into the jelly.

While your child plays talk to them while they explore. Talk to them about the texture and ask them questions. Ask if it’s squishy? Ask if it’s cold. Ask how it feels in their hands. Talk about how it is cold and how it is wobbly. Talk about what your using to get the toys/fruit out. Count how many objects you remove from the jelly and talk about if they’re sticky or not.

We enjoy getting bigger toys and splashing them in the jelly also! It’s a great play idea which you don’t have to worry about them eating the product!

We find this a super fun idea we play with other children when they come round and can’t wait to do more play with others after lockdown!

To clean up, once all the toys have been removed allow them to eat some jelly. If you’ve made to much save for later in the fridge. To finish just simply wash up as normal and add the toys and utensils to the washing up pile. Remove dirty clothes and wash hands it’s that simple.

Have fun and enjoy yourself! Let’s play with our food that little bit more! Thanks again to Hartley’s for supporting our play today! (The jelly used was gifted).

For more play ideas be sure to check my Instagram play idea highlights where I’ll be adding more as we play! Follow: @lifewiththehazelwoods and tag me and Hartley’s in any jelly play you do!

Thanks Charlie!

Why I love using my instagram!

Why I love using my instagram!

Hey it’s been a little while how are you all doing? I think for a while I’ve been a little lax on my blog and i’m sorry for that if you’re one of my subscribers! Anyway i wanted to update you all on where I’ve really been. I’ve been in the land of Instagram of course. I made a little Instagram for my blog a while back and i decided to use it a bit more and spend my time on there.It has been a absolute lifeline to me since this coronavirus pandemic because it’s enabled me to engage with so many lovely people.It’s been a really useful thing for me following new people such as other mums and getting to know them. Of course the element of comparison is there in the background but once you can get through that and see that everyone else is comparing aswell it gets so much better.

I have been lucky enough to meet a few other parents like me with my sense of humour and they have became friends, like my own online pen pals. We send gifs, support each other and laugh with each other everyday. While i am feeling stuck at home and alone i am able to sometimes escape to my little safe place and interact with my new little tribe. If i don’t feel that great there are loads of other mums feeling the same and we are all ready to build eachother up. i’ve found @hudsons_little_life and @mammabelle18 to be absolutely beautiful people who have brought thousands of mums together. It’s sometimes quite hard to meet other like minded people and these two have started weekly posts mums can take part in to meet other mums. I’ve found that the people i have engaged with from these have been really lovely people and it’s great to be able to follow other people and look into their lives.

I also enjoy looking at peoples play ideas, i’ve influenced so many of these ideas into elijahs play and at times where i have struggled with what to do it has been a lifesaver having whatever you need a hashtag away. It’s nice being able to shop with and support small businesses. To see the person on the other end of a business only makes me want to buy and promote their products that little bit more than perhaps using amazon or argos! Also i have been lucky enough to start collaborating with some businesses and it’s felt amazing to be believed in enough to promote a product. Who would of believed how social media can open so many fantastic doors!

It’s also great to find out what celebrities are doing and friends and family aswell. It’s become a place where mental health and health conditions can be normalised in a way where we don’t worry as much that friends and family see as it’s not on facebook where everyone you personally know is. It’s nice to explore others opinions and views and be supported by people that don’t know you so you feel more love than judgement!

So if you have instagram and would like to connect come find me and send me a dm!

my instagram of course is @lifewiththehazelwoods and you can also find my instagram in the menu!

Looking forward to connecting, Charlie….

Like a flower the sun helps my mental health

Like a flower the sun helps my mental health

It may be the fact it’s beginning to feel a bit more like summer and although we can’t sit in a beer garden or eat al fresco at a restaurant we can do it at home. We still are lucky enough to be able to go out for our one type of exercise a day if we wish too and that allows to enjoy some of nature’s absolutely glorious beauty for absolutely free!

Now it may be the fact that my body’s finally absorbing some of the vitamin d it so badly needs or just wanting to experience the outside world a bit more and spark my curiosity. But I feel a bit healthier. I feel a bit a bit more untuned into my body and my emotional needs. I feel when I need a break and sitting in the garden for a little bit can make me feel a lot better then sitting inside. I feel the sun helps more than the rain clouds and although I burn like bacon I enjoy being dry as a raisin as apposed to drowned like a rat. I’m enjoying the suns morning glow lighting my living room and bedroom each morning it feels a bit brighter and happier under the warm sun. It’s helping my heating/lighting bills and my soul.

I’m enjoying watching elijah running around playing around in the garden. I never thought we’d have a garden and here we are homeowners with a garden who would if thought! We enjoy running around after each other when we go for walks. I’ve always enjoyed photography so love to take photos of nature and of my family. It really helps me focus on the pretty things and takes my mind of the rubbish. I enjoy looking back on those photos and enjoying the beauty and memories brought back by them.

The days are longer with the sunshine and we don’t feel a need to go to bed earlier or rush to get inside from the garden at night. It feels nice to enjoy reading in the garden with natural light instead of slumped on the sofa under a lamp!

Although I still struggle with my mental health and still have days I feel so overwhelmed I do find the sunshine really does help me personally. It may not help everyone because it’s not a cure, it’ll never cure me. I’ll still be sad when the sun shines and sad when it rains but that’s life. Some days are better then others. But sometimes the sun does make me feel better when it hits me be it inside under a window or outside in the garden.

Do you think the sun helps you sometimes?

Health anxiety in a pandemic

Health anxiety in a pandemic

It never goes away health anxiety. You have a few good days then wham you’re back. Back in the loop of questioning every bodily function which can be completely normal but to you it’s like your body’s going to explode. Health anxiety as I’ve already touched on before in previous blog posts is basically thinking worse case scenario of every illness and feeling your body goes through. In a age of google we seem to think it’s our best friend when in fact it can be a dark, dark place. It’s simple google my symptoms and I’ll be assured? But what about when I google a headache and think I have a tumour or if I have a weird mole that it’s then cancer? How I’d explain health anxiety is being a catastrophic thinker on overdrive.

Over the last few months covid has been doing it’s rounds in the press and media and there is literally nothing you can do to not hear something about it. Unless your armish of course. With a complex list of symptoms completely similar to the common cold and hay fever it’s hard to not think a sniffle is the virus. With talks of death being amongst the most talked about thing in the virus I’ve come to accept that this is a deadly virus and it scares me to think about it.

A few months ago I had a numb arm and chest pain just as the corona virus had sort of had one or two cases in other countries to wuhan. I tried to not let my health anxiety get the best of me and go to a doctors appointment as for some reason I thought I’d be sent to hospital and I was worried about infection there. I took more painkillers and went to my counselling session and became really in pain so much so she cancelled the appointment and told me to go to the doctors. The doctors where very worried and sent me to hospital. While they’re I spent the whole time panicked I’d get corona virus and panicking. I santize to my hands where red raw. It was there I found out I have fnd which caused the symptoms and will return again and again. Coming out of hospital I felt so worried I’d get the virus again and was super scared to be around crowds exetera. I obviously didn’t have it but every time I felt warm or coughed that was it I had it.

After being in lockdown my health anxiety is still pretty high. I hate going out. If someone gets near me on a walk or something I want to rip my skin off and smack them with it and retreat home fast. Even though James and I have had no social contact in months I worry I’ve got it sporadically. Everytime I feel warm. Everytime my asthma is triggered by hay fever that’s it I’m dying.

The thing is with health anxiety is it doesn’t go away. When self isolating it still doesn’t make me stop worrying. Finding a new lump or mole means I have melanoma or lymphoma. Having a blurry eye day makes me think I’m going blind. Stomach pains or reflux from Ibs makes me think back to my endoscopy days and think right there’s defiantly cancer or Crohn’s disease forming in there. Now that I know I have fnd I still think am I having a heart attack or have I had a stroke even though I know it’s from this disease. Things don’t blur into the background but us anxiety suffers are trying to suppress our emotions, our need for reassurance from others because we worry about the pandemic and that we might be annoying someone. If we where to get seriously I’ll aswell would we want to go to hospital due to being deathly afraid of all the confirmed cases at them?

So if you like me suffer with health anxiety and struggle to think clearly during the pandemic know that you’re not alone. You’re okay. Your doing incredible to be stuck inside overthinking everything that’s going on with you and your body and the world. It’s okay to be scared to be around others and it’s okay to want personals space. Look after your physical and mental health.

As always my dms are always open!