Our first class at little kickers.

After five months on the waiting list we finally got offered a place for the little kickers weekly classes. We have been excited to get him onto the class after we decided to stop swimming lessons due to parking and repetitiveness of the classes each week. We wanted to join a group that would be fun and teach him how to work with other children to work on his team work and communication. We saw a while ago a few celebrities had taken their children to little kickers and rugby tots so we decided we would try little kickers as they had a class near by.

So today we got to start lessons and it was quite a lovely little lesson. The coaches are very kind and lots of fun, the children adore them. The classes use lots of props and equipment such as cones, goals, mats, whistles, balls, teddies and mats. Today the kids where taught to shoot goals,pass balls and do obstacle courses. They also used play to teach them skills and control with the ball and speed.The children where all of the same age so it was lovely that there was no expectation of the children and their where all there just to play together and have fun. The lessons are not overly expensive at 30 a month and the classes are intimate too for more hands on lessons.We really enjoyed the session and Elijah was smiling and giggling the whole time. He really looked adorable in his little outfit to and we are excited for next weeks session. The best part was when the children where all given a high five and a sticker for doing a good job! Elijah was very proud of himself and had to show everyone for the rest of the day!

Using a children’s centre

I’ve the years Elijahs been with us (and growing in my tummy) we’ve been to quite a few children centres and classes. A children’s centre is basically like a mini nursery class where there’s play activity’s and it’s free or sometimes a very small charge depending on what it is. We’ve been to quite a few and used to go weekly to one group close to us at a near by hall but it was only open until Elijah was walking so we had to stop going. We recently tried a new one and it is only about a twenty minuite walk. This new group is in the same place we did our hypnobirthing and a few community centre baby sensory classes in the early days. There was in and outdoor play and Elijah loved it. It had climbing frames, crafts tables, sensory items and outdoor toys and plenty of sensory bits. He spent all his time outdoors playing with balls, slides and other children. I think it is so important that children are around other children as much as they can because it is so good for their social development. I think it helps them make friends and also adjust to nursery/school life earlier. I’m quite lucky to have a boy who loves socialising and I think it may be due to always taking him out with other children as much as we can.

Although we love a bit of soft play and going out with our friends it’s become clear over the years that we want to try new things and make more friends. I think it’s nice to make mummy friends because your child has a friend and you do too. I think it’s easier to make new friends with mothers too because they understand what you’re going through and are easier to make plans with as it doesn’t require childcare for the day. You also can relate and talk about your kid which all parents love to do even if they say they don’t.

I think i will be taking Elijah weekly because he loved it so much and it was full of children. I enjoyed going out of my comfort zone, I’ve put it off quite often due to being anxious about new people but I went anyway and loved it. Lots of mums chatted to me while our children played and it was nice to have conversations with someone new. It was a great exsercise for Elijah too as he spent two hours running around and chasing other children and showing them things. It gave us play ideas we could do at home too such as sensory play with leaves and a mud kitchen. I’m all for anything that gets us out the house especially if it’s free. So why not look at your local children’s centre classes and try something new. We also go on the play bus too sometimes which is run by our children’s centre and Elijah loves it! He gets to sit and play on a bus which has a slide, dress up, colouring, toys and even a sandpit. It’s also a double decker bus which is very colourful which is a definite plus. Why not try something new and use a children’s centre. Remember it’s funded by the government so if you don’t use it, it won’t get funded. Use it or lose it!

How I handle my toddlers mood swings.

The terrible twos have got that reputation for the very reason that they can be terrible. Your child is growing at an amazing rate and is struggling to cope with all the information they are taking in. remember in school when you would get frustrated with all the information you’re taking in that’s your child constantly. Even when they’re asleep they’re little minds are growing and learning. So it’s only natural and completely understandable that they explore their emotions and push boundaries as they do this to learn what behaviours are acceptable too. And of course you are not a terrible parent if you get frustrated. You’d have to be such a saint not to get stressed when somebody screams, throws things at you and throws themselfs on the floor in public day after day. You are not a bad parent for sometimes raising your voice or getting overwhelmed and having a tear or two after being on your own all day and not being able to have five minuites to yourself.

I have days like this too. Things get too much and sometimes I snap and have a cry or get upset. But that’s normal as a human we feel so deeply so we feel others struggles and also feel a bit overwhelmed when anger is taken out on us all day. But it’s how we deal with this everyday that can make or break us. When Elijahs mid tantrum now I will calmly tell him what he’s doing is wrong and not acceptable behaviour. I tell him I understand he is upset and why he is upset and then I walk away and give him a moment. This allows me to breath and calm down too so he doesn’t see me upset as this can make him worse. I then repeat myself and do this again. If I do crack sometimes as we all do and have shouted at him when things have calmed down later I will apologise for shouting and explain why I did. I want a relationship with him where he learns to apologise for bad behaviour and also to understand that I don’t hate him and why I behaved how I did. I feel when I was younger I would of appreciated this being done to me so I try to do this as much as I can. At the end of a hard day I like to go into his room and watch him sleep for a minute while he’s calm and still. I try to just breath and take him in. That it’s all worth it. So if you’re having a hard time just watch them sleep for a minute and remember what you’re doing this for. You’ve got this mamas and papas it’s hard but you’re growing a little person and it’s going to be hard nothing worth while is ever easy.

What we get up to at the weekend

It’s no secret that my favourite time of the week is Friday evening when the weekend starts. It means James has finished for the weekend and we get two whole days together as a family. There’s nothing I enjoy more. We’re always trying to make memories while also remembering resting and spending time together is important too.

Our weekend starts with a coffee from the other person made as we roll out of bed. On a Saturday I or James will have a lay in and on a Sunday we swap and the other person does. I say lay in but we always wake for about 9 am now. The other gets up with Elijah to give him breakfast and play with him. We normally then decide what we’ll do for the day if we haven’t already. We’ll decide somewhere family friendly to go and almost always will eat lunch out. If we go for a walk we have lunch after or before or if we go for a trip to town we will wind up at food at some point too. We quite often go for walks though and decide where on the day. For a treat we will often take Elijah for a day at soft play, to a museum or to the zoo. We normally do this on a Saturday.

After we’ve done our day plans we will normally come home for the evening shove on some pjs and watch something then have a small meal together before putting Elijah to bed and watching a film or series. Or we go too see family for tea and relax round there’s before returning to put Elijah to bed. On a Sunday we like to normally keep this as our chill day. Sometimes we’ll go for a walk or to the shops for something but mainly we like to relax. We get the housework deep cleaning done while Elijahs asleep for a nap. Things like washing, mopping, dusting, polishing, de scaling and scrubbing of rooms if I haven’t done it already. We spend the rest of the day cuddling up watching films, Playing with Elijah and doing some sort of arts or craft. We’ll do painting or do play dough or sometimes baking. We try to do a family activity as much as we can so we have real family time. Sometimes we will invite family or friends over but we normally like to cuddle up just the three of us.

We do like to try and do different things as much as possible so we go to different places for lunch, walks and more. We like to look out for events near us and look for different things in the area. We like to go to museums and to themed days and fates too. We often take strolls on the beach and end up on the amusements. We do love spending time together but also appreciate sometimes it’s nice to have our own time too. So sometimes I’ll go out with a friend or James will. Sometimes I’ll take Elijah out with me so James can have some time to himself. This happens very rarely though as we both agree we like to spend our weekends together and often go out weekdays instead with friends.

Looking forward to our next weekend where we are hoping to take Elijah to his favourite place the zoo! James has had too work the last two Saturdays so we’ve had to put of plans and relax more on sundays. What do you get up to at the weekend and have you got a set relaxation day too? What’s your favourite thing to do?!

The importance of the outdoors and your child

Children need exercise as much as they can but we often forget the greatest free activity there is which is exploring the outside world. Nothing beats a bit of fresh air and the wind in your hair so why do we often forget to take a walk on the wild side? Children absolutely adore the outdoors and it is so good for their development too. Not only learning to walk on different grounds but learning textures and the sensory play that comes from the outdoors. They love discovering new things and learning about the outdoors. They love to see different objects and different surroundings and using their imagination.

We love to explore the outside be it for walks in the park to feed the ducks and see the squirrels and hunt for leaves. Or whether it’s a run down a windy beach front to watch the waves crash against the rocks. We love walking through the forests and seeing dogs and talking about what we see and taking Elijahs bike. We look for the gruffalo and imagine the animals that could be hiding. We love building sandcastles in the sun on warm beaches or crabbing and feeding the crabs and letting them go. We enjoy trips to the park and pretending we’re in a house or on a helicopter ride or flying so high. We love finding muddy puddles to soak our wellies into and collecting pinecones and conkers for sensory games and arts and crafts at home. It is so important to enjoy this beautiful world we live in while it’s still so beautiful. The world is the greatest gift of them all and some of my happiest memories have always been outside. The wind and rain cannot stop us! Dress up warm find some wellies and return for a reward of a hot chocolate!

Why you should always try to be romantic with your other half

It’s Valentine’s Day soon approaching everything will be about love and showing your other half you love them. While you should show your partner you love them everyday it is nice to spend Valentine’s Day sharing love with the whole world.

Sometimes we forget how important it is to show our other half how much we love them. It doesn’t always have to be something extravagant but something little. It can be a compliment. You can just say you look good today or something like that. You can pick up their favourite chocolate from the corner shop or get a extra cake from bakery. You can leave messages in their work bag every now and then to surprise them or a post it on their desk. You can plan a date night or make a lovely home cooked meal or order in their favourite takeaway. You can let them choose a film or series every now and then or even let them play a game while you sit next to them doing something you enjoy too. You can send text messages every now and then to ask how they are and how their day is going, sometimes this means more than anything. Telling your partner and showing your partner just how much you love them is so important and is something we would all love back. Shower each other with love because that’s what you both deserve.

Why I love the toddler stage

When people ask me what my favourite stage of Elijah growing up is I always say now. Maybe it’s because I love watching him grow up every day but more because I love how he is developing into such a sweet young boy.

The toddler stage may have its many TESTING and stressful moments as they learn to navigate both their emotions and learning process, but it also has its amazing moments too. Such as learning to talk more. Elijah’s vocabulary has come on so well and he loves nothing more than sharing that and whatever he learns with everyone else. I love that he has learnt to sing whole songs and keep a rhythm and is quite a good singer to be honest. I love that we’re exploring more grown up things like adventuring out without a buggy more and going to the cinemas.

I love that he’s developing his own sense of character. He is funny and try’s to be cheeky and has so many facial expressions and voices for things which I can’t help but chuckle at. I love that he wants to involve everyone in his play more now and wants to show everything and talk you through it. I love that everyday we have more complex conversations and he understands more and more. I love that he’s more direct and tells me who he wants to see everyday and what he wants to do for the day. I love that he’s getting a good memory and can remember things from the other day and talks about it again. I’m enjoying him learning more skills and manors such as tidying up and always saying please and Thankyou now without prompt.