Why I love using my instagram!

Hey it’s been a little while how are you all doing? I think for a while I’ve been a little lax on my blog and i’m sorry for that if you’re one of my subscribers! Anyway i wanted to update you all on where I’ve really been. I’ve been in the land of Instagram of course. I made a little Instagram for my blog a while back and i decided to use it a bit more and spend my time on there.It has been a absolute lifeline to me since this coronavirus pandemic because it’s enabled me to engage with so many lovely people.It’s been a really useful thing for me following new people such as other mums and getting to know them. Of course the element of comparison is there in the background but once you can get through that and see that everyone else is comparing aswell it gets so much better.

I have been lucky enough to meet a few other parents like me with my sense of humour and they have became friends, like my own online pen pals. We send gifs, support each other and laugh with each other everyday. While i am feeling stuck at home and alone i am able to sometimes escape to my little safe place and interact with my new little tribe. If i don’t feel that great there are loads of other mums feeling the same and we are all ready to build eachother up. i’ve found @hudsons_little_life and @mammabelle18 to be absolutely beautiful people who have brought thousands of mums together. It’s sometimes quite hard to meet other like minded people and these two have started weekly posts mums can take part in to meet other mums. I’ve found that the people i have engaged with from these have been really lovely people and it’s great to be able to follow other people and look into their lives.

I also enjoy looking at peoples play ideas, i’ve influenced so many of these ideas into elijahs play and at times where i have struggled with what to do it has been a lifesaver having whatever you need a hashtag away. It’s nice being able to shop with and support small businesses. To see the person on the other end of a business only makes me want to buy and promote their products that little bit more than perhaps using amazon or argos! Also i have been lucky enough to start collaborating with some businesses and it’s felt amazing to be believed in enough to promote a product. Who would of believed how social media can open so many fantastic doors!

It’s also great to find out what celebrities are doing and friends and family aswell. It’s become a place where mental health and health conditions can be normalised in a way where we don’t worry as much that friends and family see as it’s not on facebook where everyone you personally know is. It’s nice to explore others opinions and views and be supported by people that don’t know you so you feel more love than judgement!

So if you have instagram and would like to connect come find me and send me a dm!

my instagram of course is @lifewiththehazelwoods and you can also find my instagram in the menu!

Looking forward to connecting, Charlie….

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