How I handle my toddlers mood swings.

The terrible twos have got that reputation for the very reason that they can be terrible. Your child is growing at an amazing rate and is struggling to cope with all the information they are taking in. remember in school when you would get frustrated with all the information you’re taking in that’s your child constantly. Even when they’re asleep they’re little minds are growing and learning. So it’s only natural and completely understandable that they explore their emotions and push boundaries as they do this to learn what behaviours are acceptable too. And of course you are not a terrible parent if you get frustrated. You’d have to be such a saint not to get stressed when somebody screams, throws things at you and throws themselfs on the floor in public day after day. You are not a bad parent for sometimes raising your voice or getting overwhelmed and having a tear or two after being on your own all day and not being able to have five minuites to yourself.

I have days like this too. Things get too much and sometimes I snap and have a cry or get upset. But that’s normal as a human we feel so deeply so we feel others struggles and also feel a bit overwhelmed when anger is taken out on us all day. But it’s how we deal with this everyday that can make or break us. When Elijahs mid tantrum now I will calmly tell him what he’s doing is wrong and not acceptable behaviour. I tell him I understand he is upset and why he is upset and then I walk away and give him a moment. This allows me to breath and calm down too so he doesn’t see me upset as this can make him worse. I then repeat myself and do this again. If I do crack sometimes as we all do and have shouted at him when things have calmed down later I will apologise for shouting and explain why I did. I want a relationship with him where he learns to apologise for bad behaviour and also to understand that I don’t hate him and why I behaved how I did. I feel when I was younger I would of appreciated this being done to me so I try to do this as much as I can. At the end of a hard day I like to go into his room and watch him sleep for a minute while he’s calm and still. I try to just breath and take him in. That it’s all worth it. So if you’re having a hard time just watch them sleep for a minute and remember what you’re doing this for. You’ve got this mamas and papas it’s hard but you’re growing a little person and it’s going to be hard nothing worth while is ever easy.

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