Quick emergency tips to help you in a emergency.

Quick emergency tips to help you in a emergency.

We never want to imagine something happening to us or our future but sadly it can happen at any point. Having having healthcare training I’ve helped show others how to do things like emergency first aid and CPR. I’ve also used it many times in both my jobs and in public, I’ve been able to provide first aid to people in emergency’s roadside till ambulances can arrive and take control so here’s some quick advice and obviously do your own research too. I am not trained to be giving out advice but if it can help then it’s worth the quick briefing to others.

First of all I’m going to start with staying calm in a emergency. You need to calm yourself and forget who the person is to you or what state they are. You need to take a few deep breaths and centre yourself then take control. Set jobs for other people if available and take charge or follow instructions if someone is already on scene and more confident with the situation. Shout for help as soon as you have confirmed a situation is underway.

CPR. (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). This is the action of giving emergency breaths and compressions to create a blood flow for someone in cardiac arrest. The action is to give oxygen to the body and keep blood flowing around the body to stop the body (brain) being starved of oxygen and to get the heart strong enough to continue to pump again. If someone is in cardiac arrest you act straight away you go not hesitate.

First check the area is safe. Inflict pain by pressing into their collar bone hard and speak to them. Say “hello, hello are you okay?” Loudly. If there is no response to pain or words they are most probably in cardiac arrest. You can also check for a pulse or feel a persons breath on your cheek. If you suspect the patient has been electrocuted contact 999 first and ask for instructions as cpr is a risk to you. If they are in a situation that could cause harm to you do not attempt first aid either. Once you’ve obtained they are suffering cardiac arrest try to get them to the floor, carefully they will be flat and floppy, if on a bed do not move them position yourself for access to them if safe to do so. When flat gently tilt their head back so that you can get a clear airway and do that their tongue can’t block their airway as easily. For a baby start with five rescue breaths covering their nose and mouth. The younger the child it’s more likely to be a respiratory problem so under 5s need to be started with five rescue breaths. For older adults begin compressions you want to do 30 compressions followed by two rescue breaths you breath into their mouth hard twice and resume compressions. Intertwine your hands with palms down and apply pressure downwards. You need to be beeping or standing bedside.You want to push hard so you can get about 5 cm in to their breastbone. You can find where to start compressions by searching for the centre of their chest normally just above the diaphragm or where the rib cage ends near to nipples and on the sternum. If doing cpr to a baby you want to find a point between their two nipples and use two fingers applying no more than four cm pressure and gently. For a child you would use one hand till they are more adult sized alike the adults cpr. The number is same for compressions no matter the age. You will need to this at a rate of 100-120 compressions a minute so quick and it’s easy to remember a rhythm if thinking of a song like staying alive. While doing thins about or call for help till a ambulance arrives. Send someone for a AED devise most shops and streets have these. If you call 999 they will tell you where the nearest one is and code to get it. If you are alone you may need to run for it after trying cpr if a 999 responder tells you too. The paddles are attached to the skin and the box will tell you how and what to do. Continue cpr till person comes round or help comes!

Chocking. Something so easy can happen to anyone. With a baby you want to do five hard back blows pushing downwards on a baby’s back. You want to put the baby on your lap facing a diagnal downwards position. If this doesn’t work turn baby over and begin to do chest thrusts place two fingers in middle of chest and gently compress five times. With a child lean them forward and give five hard back blows upwards again. If this doesn’t work then give five abdominal thrusts by turning them round and putting hands just above belly button and pulling in sharp five times. For a adult you do the same but harder. If this doesn’t work turn repeat over again and start the back blows again. Call 999 and shout for help once you’ve tried once and continue till blockage is clear. If not clear and person stops breathing then begin cpr.

Burns and scalds. First remove the source of burn/ scald and get to safety. Cool the burn with cool water for twenty minutes. Remove anything touching burnt area like clothes. Wrap the burn in clingfilm. Do not apply creams or touch the area. Use paracetamol and or ibuprofen for pain and depending on severity seek medical attention. Chemical burns always need attention. If this is from a fire get checked as your airways will need checking too.

Big wounds or cuts. I’m not taking a papercut in talking a deep cut, That won’t stop bleeding first apply pressure to wound with gauze or clean clothing. If a leg or arm raise the limb if you can to stop blood rushing out. If it soaks through apply more layers do not remove layer. If the bleeding is severe apply a tourniquet. Call for help if severe and 999. Get checked as you may need more care such as stitches. Keep the person warm.

Shock. If a person is in shock from a accident or something else it can cause the body to shut down. If you suspect someone is in shock lay them down and get help. Try not to scare them more. Elevate their feet if you can if suspected injury below hips. Keep warm and comfortable. Do not give food or drink. Loosen clothing and keep calm.

Recovery position if a person is breathing but unconscious and no visible serious injury to limbs put in recovery position if you suspect spinal injury do not attempt. This is to stop a person from vomiting and swallowing while unconscious so very important to do.You can see how to do this and images on how to put someone in this position.

I hope this has somewhat helps and you can find more information online here are some useful videos to help. Hopefully you never have to use this knowledge.

Cpr on baby: https://youtu.be/avYRvVHAvfM

Cpr on child: https://youtu.be/0aV9NS0ogiM

Cpr on adult: https://www.sja.org.uk/get-advice/first-aid-advice/unresponsive-casualty/how-to-do-cpr-on-an-adult/

Chocking baby: https://youtu.be/oswDpwzbAV8

Chocking child or adult: https://www.redcross.org.uk/first-aid/learn-first-aid-for-babies-and-children/choking-child

How to put someone in recovery position: https://www.nhs.uk/video/pages/recovery-position.aspx

Why we love soft play

Why we love soft play

Although it can be my idea of hell, soft play is a great little place for youngsters to flourish. They learn to make friends with other children and to do things like take turns and share. They also get exercise and a space to let go and be as loud and messy as they want. It is a place you get to be a child too and run round chasing them remembering the fun of your youth. It’s somewhere you can go and take a back seat and just sit watching them play and having fun. Where you haven’t got to run round and can just breath for a little bit. As they get older you can watch from further away until they’re big kids and you could have the luxury of a hot drink while they play in peace. (I cannot wait for this day). I

t can be a place to go with other mummy friends while the kids play together you can talk. You get out of the house and you get grown up conversation while your child has a fun experience. I love watching my little guy play and have fun smiling as he realises where he is and runs off to play. I love playing with him and racing him down slides or playing in the ball pit with him and showing him how to use and play with new things. It’s a great activity no matter the weather too, because it means Elijah can keep dry and warm instead of wet at the park on bad weather days. The thing I love the most is that it keeps Elijah healthy and happy and I’m up for anything like that.

Seeing a west end classic wicked!

Seeing a west end classic wicked!

No one loves the wicked!

Yesterday as a birthday treat my husband took me to see wicked on the west end. The show follows the story of the wizard of oz and the wicked witch. It shows how she became “wicked” and a different side to the “good” witch. As a child I would watch the film on repeat round my grandmas and sing the songs together and now I’m a mother, to my child. My ultimate feel good film as a child I’ve always wanted to see the west end adaptation of it. So when my husband offered to take me I did internal back flips.While my expectations weren’t exactly high I was completely blown away and absolutely adored every last second.

It started strong and continued that way through the whole show. The costumes, the special effects, the set and everything was visually pleasing and absolutely mind blowing. Strong performances throughout the complete show from start to finish I could watch it again and again. The singers where absolutely amazing. Gurlinda played the role so well and managed to create a loveable yet hated character with her urge to be liked and good. You saw things from a completely different aspect. It was nice to see elphaba (the bad witch) as good. Even when she was “wicked” she was still good. It shows how your environment and how your spoken about can change you and other perspectives of you. It was truest heartbreaking and comical at times I felt every emotion possible. It shows there’s two sides to every story and it was a beautiful, beautiful show throughout. The vocals, solo and harmonys where beautiful and gave me goose bumps throughout. The songs where beautiful and strong songs that will stick in my brain to come out randomly for weeks on end. The talent from the monkeys to the main characters was absolutely amazing there was no second to not be immersed in this beautiful show!It was a great experience and I feel truest spoilt!

How friendships can change when you’ve had children.

How friendships can change when you’ve had children.

Obviously you’ll loose some friends and make some new ones when becoming a parent but you never really accept it when you first see those two positive lines of a pregnancy test. You want to believe your friends are well just that “friends” and will be as excited as you when you have a child. But sometimes it goes quite the opposite way.

When you find out your pregnant everyone is so excited and they can’t wait to call themselves auntie this and uncle that, but when that baby’s popped out it’s unread messages and less interest. Maybe it’s jealously or just not wanting to be around a crying baby but you certainly see who really is and isn’t your friend.You’ve had a baby and instead of celebrating having another little friend to play with some friends go darting the other way.

You’re no longer available all the time. You’re tired and need to get childcare to go out at certain times. Some friends expect you to constantly have childcare when you see them like your child isn’t a part of you now. Conversations can run dry because you’re exhausted from sleepless nights and busy days. You don’t want to go out too long because you want to go to sleep early just incase your up all night. They get embarrassed when your kid tantrums at the dinner table and seem to think they know what’s wrong with your child and wishes you could shut them up instantly if they have a tantrum.

However you do make closer friendships with the ones who stay. You see them more, they become more family then friends as they’re accepted into your family unit for hanging out. Your friends may have kids too so you have play dates and get to watch the children grow up together aswell as you growing with them. Your friends gain another friend and it’s a joy to have them in their life’s.

Sometimes people come and sometimes people go but it’s the ones who stay that matter the most. If they’ve gone they where never really a friend if they cannot accept your family now.

January birchbox

January birchbox

Today my birchbox arrived and I was very excited, not just because of the fact it arrived but because it was my birthday and it was like a unexpected present! Nothing beats a package of unexpected goodies! So let’s look inside!

So what was inside? First of all the box was beautiful it’s a collab with Rochelle Humes. You know the woman from the Saturdays and talent shows now. It’s a really pretty box and looks like a marble, rose gold design. I opened it up and the products inside where so pretty and quite varied. I got some conditioner which I love because I’m actually running out of conditioner so it’ll last me till my next shop and it’s something new to try! Next up I got a vasanti brighten up exfoliating. It’s something new to try and who doesn’t live a good facial exfoliate. It’s vegan and 99 percent natural which is better than tones of rubbish being used on your face! I also got a moisturiser by green frog botanic, I’ve already used some and it smells amazing, my skin is soft and a little goes a long way. I’ll be keeping this in my bag as perfect travel size. The most extorting product was my jade roller by Melusine. I’ve wanted one for years as I’ve heard good things about the power of crystals and how great it is for skin. So it’s saved me forgetting to buy one again whenever I see one in a store. Another little cute sample was my glow milk in just dew it. I got to choose this sample which has been great as I finally get a colour that matches my skin which I love. I can’t wait to use it and it is totally adorable. I am excited for next months!

Why I don’t feel bad for wanting to get married and have children young.

Why I don’t feel bad for wanting to get married and have children young.

Something I’ve somewhat been made to feel ashamed of by my single friends is that I’m married and have a child. While my dreams are different to there’s they’re not the only ones who have perhaps judged me for wanting to be married and a mother earlier.

Way back in the past it was the normal to be married early and have lots of children. However as generations have changed with the environment we live in I find people are leaving it longer to want to settle down. Maybe it’s the fact we have dating at our finger tips now, less expectations of commitment, more divorce and experience of broken homes But it’s unclear why it’s become something done later in life.

For people who want to date and just have fun I salute you. Living your best life is something you should never be ashamed of and if all you want to do is be single or stay in and out of short term relationships then you do you. If you’re happy in your own company then that’s an amazing thing being happy as you are and loving/putting yourself first.

A lot of my mum friends understand my choice to get married and have a child younger in life. They understand how it feels to be in a committed loving relationship and have goals for that to blossom. For example getting married and having more children or being happy with the one. I think being raised by a young mum has made me want that myself. My mum was 19 when I was born which meant she had lots of energy and is still quite young now. Now although I didn’t want children at 19 I had always planned in my head I wanted them about 22. I grew up pretty quickly and was always mature for my age so I feel it’s been a great asset in deciding when to become a mother. When I met James I knew I loved him and wanted to spend my whole life with him and when he proposed I was over the moon. This has meant that Elijahs grandparents are still quite young and can enjoy him as much as possible also. There’s even currently five generations in my family!

But it would be silly to make others feel bad for choosing to have a family at such a young age. Your hopes and plans may be different to others and that’s okay but we cannot judge someone for wanting different things in life. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit there’s aspects I miss of my life before becoming a mother like nipping to the loo in peace or being able to do what I want when I want. But I have been changed into this caring loving mother who is a better person. My heart has grown ten times bigger and I’m glad I’ve got to experience it for longer in my life instead of stretching it out waiting for the right time to have a child. So I don’t feel bad for wanting a baby and marriage and a house. My upbringing and my personality gives me what I want in life and I am going to enjoy where it has taken me. At the end of the day I look at my son and husband with so much love it makes me feel like I’m crying with love on the inside and that’s something I’d never want changed. Even when I’m dealing with public tantrums and the expense of a wedding it’s all been worth it.

The best sleep aids for newborns.

The best sleep aids for newborns.

When Elijah was first born it was hard, we where stuck in hospital because he was unwell. 6 days later we came home and in a completely different environment. We went from constant loud beeping of machines and other children crying to silence. We knew that Elijah would struggle to sleep because of this. Before Elijah was born I had heard about how white noise helps infants sleep so we got something ready for his birth. I sleep really well with white noise so why wouldn’t he. We brought a Ewan dream sheep which works by glowing like your womb and making noises of your heart beat and noises like rain and a Hoover. It would only come on when pressed and didn’t last long so didn’t work for Elijah.

We decided to try something else and brought him a my hummy which he absolutely loved. It worked by coming on when it heard movement and could be on all night. It made lots of sounds and had different volumes. The battery life was great and came with velcro straps so can tie anywhere, we tied to his bed, his pram, his car seat and everything. It was a little expensive but we used for months and we’ll worth it. I then sold it on eBay after and got most my money back so was great purchase all in all.

I also benefited from using my phone and my amazon or echo dot but this isn’t great as you need internet and won’t have to hand everywhere you go. However it is a lot better then his choice of song to get him to sleep at time’s too which was toto by Africa.

We didn’t find good sleep aids that where night lights or anything like that as he didn’t care for them but we did get a vtech bear that lit up playing white noise and a seahorse too but he didn’t seem to care for them yet others have loved them!

Baby’s are going to struggle to sleep and that is normal. What works for some women not work for others so if you want to try a sleep aid then do! But don’t get upset if it doesn’t work!

Elijahs favourite toys right now

Elijahs favourite toys right now

Being two nothing entertains him for long so finding toys he picks up over and over again can be a little hard. So here’s a list of something’s he and his friends like which may help others with finding toys there little ones may like.

Little figures. Be it a hey duggee set, teletubies or a set of Dinosaurs Elijah absolutely loves them. He loves lining them up, putting them in things, pretending they’re playing and just holding them. They’re great for imagination and playing alone or with others.

Animals, Elijah adores his sets of animals and he loves lining them up and naming each one. He loves animals and adores playing and singing to them. We use them for themed play and playing in play doh and sand it’s something that never gets boring.

Wooden kitchen. I brought this for Christmas last year and it’s his and his friends favourite toy. He plays with it constantly every day and every child who comes over does too. He likes pretending to cook, hide things, wash things and play with his toys on it.

Shopping trolley and food. Elijah loves playing with the fake food and putting it in his trolled and pushing it around pretending his shopping.

Lego, the type for toddlers. He loves building towers and knocking them down. He also loves building blocks and stickler bricks.

Stretchy toys. He loves pulling them and stretching them and the texture.

Trains and cars. He adores these and younger and older children love them too.

What does your little one love playing with?

A book everyone should read

A book everyone should read

A book I’ve seen a few times in the book stores but always forgot to buy is The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. This is a beautifully illustrated and written book for all ages. For people going through a rough patch, for children learning that they are enough and they’re feelings are valid this simple little book may just be one of the best books I’ve read. It’s short and sweet and only takes about ten minutes to read so perfect for children too. I brought this book in the mindset of reading it to my little boy as he gets older and when he is older giving it to his children. It’s so simple and perfect and really is a beautiful read and really made me feel happier reading it.

I resonated with the book a lot and a few of the quotes I will keep in mind for the future when I have certain feelings experienced in the book. I want my son to be raised in a world knowing that feelings mater and are normal and that he is enough and he cannot base his feelings on others or rush through life without living in the slow lane. So get the book, borrow the book, download the book and read it. Read it to yourself, to your children or to your family or friends. The perfect mental health booster and feel good book.

Why relaxation is important

Why relaxation is important

It’s hard not to get stuck in the negativity of the world both physically and mentally. We neglect ourselves in the sense that we are tense, over worked and we do not take care of ourselves. Being busy and working it’s hard to enjoy both family time and our own time and take care of ourselves while taking care of others. I’ve recently really been concentrating on trying to give all my love to my family, to relax with them and to relax on my own. To try and have some me time but also make sure most of our we time is as stress free as it can be. With a toddler that is hard but it’s all about trying to do relaxing things and not iver exerting ourselfs. Not being too busy or doing things we don’t want to do. Not glueing ourselves to routines while trying to respect a need for some things like a bedtime.

It’s important to practise self care and relaxing doing it. Be that having a nice bubble bath or shower and using your best moisturiser and products. It’s taking the time to put your phone away and taking a few deep breaths, relaxing your muscles from your head to your toes and letting yourself be. It’s talking to others and seeing others. It’s having me time and accepting that is okay. It’s both the silence and the noise. It’s reading a book or playing a video game to unwind. It’s a coffee or a slice of cake to relax and just take your mind of life for a second and relax into the taste. It’s taking a spa day as a treat if you can and really relaxing into it. It’s taking time to just leave reality and avoid the news, social media and everything and just be you. It may even be blogging but it is so important to relax. Going for a relaxing family walk or to see family and play games. It’s enjoying and being present having a cuddle and relaxing into it instead of being tense and rushed because of stressed feelings. Remember how important you are and how important your mental and physical health is and that you can and should always relax and put yourself first. How can we love others when we cannot love ourselves enough to have five minutes.