Why I love the toddler stage

When people ask me what my favourite stage of Elijah growing up is I always say now. Maybe it’s because I love watching him grow up every day but more because I love how he is developing into such a sweet young boy.

The toddler stage may have its many TESTING and stressful moments as they learn to navigate both their emotions and learning process, but it also has its amazing moments too. Such as learning to talk more. Elijah’s vocabulary has come on so well and he loves nothing more than sharing that and whatever he learns with everyone else. I love that he has learnt to sing whole songs and keep a rhythm and is quite a good singer to be honest. I love that we’re exploring more grown up things like adventuring out without a buggy more and going to the cinemas.

I love that he’s developing his own sense of character. He is funny and try’s to be cheeky and has so many facial expressions and voices for things which I can’t help but chuckle at. I love that he wants to involve everyone in his play more now and wants to show everything and talk you through it. I love that everyday we have more complex conversations and he understands more and more. I love that he’s more direct and tells me who he wants to see everyday and what he wants to do for the day. I love that he’s getting a good memory and can remember things from the other day and talks about it again. I’m enjoying him learning more skills and manors such as tidying up and always saying please and Thankyou now without prompt.

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