What I watched in January!

The month after Christmas is a long, cold one here in the uk. So it’s obvious that a lot of time is going to be spent cosying up infront of the tv finishing of the remainder of the Christmas treats. So what have I been doing watching now that’s it’s kind of not acceptable to watch soppy Christmas films anymore? Here’s a short list!

Thirteen: something that’s been in my watch list for a long time is thirteen. Thirteen is a series with the star from killing eve Jodie Comer. It follows a girl called ivy who is kidnapped at 13 years old and escapes 13 years later. It’s a thrilling series as you find out what happened to her and also as the police try to investigate where her killer is. It’s interesting seeing how she fits back into the world and how she handled being hold captive for so long. It’s five episodes long and great acting as always from Jodie! You can find it on bbc I player.

The quiet place. Everyone’s heard of this film where basically the world is taken over by aliens and everyone has to be silent or killed. We watched this about a year ago but for some reason or another didn’t finish it. We gave it another shot and concentrated on the film and it turned out to be a really good film. It’s interesting to see where they will go with the next film but it’s a film you have to concentrate on. As they use sign language to communicate you kind of need to read the subtitles at all times.

New Amsterdam series 2. The new series hit prime and its one I’ve been so excited for. I waited so long for it to return so when I saw it was available I was so excited. New Amsterdam is a medical series which follows a team of doctors in a drama packed series. The main character max is director of the hospital and has all these whacky ideas to help the hospital while also going to have chemotherapy for himself. It has a bit of a greys anatomy feel which is probably why I love it so much but it is different to greys so it gives it a little edge. It’s nice to see a series that shows different things and also shows the poverty side of American healthcare. You see people that can’t afford treatment whereas barely happens on greys anatomy.

You season 2. Personally after the first series I had really high hopes for this series and they did not disappoint. I think I actually liked this series more than the first. Sure he’s still a psycho but it’s so interesting to watch and see what happens with joe and his future. It goes a bit more in depth this series into joe and his past to try and make you understand why he is who he is. You see how he try’s to be a good person but he is still joe, the stalker guy next door. We follow in his quest for love and to be loved and his fight with himself everyday. I won’t give anything away but this is one binge worthy series you can’t stop.

The Witcher. A Netflix original on a game my husband adores and has spent many, many hours playing. You don’t need to know the story to get into it and it’s such a good watch. The series follows Geralt our hero and his quests. He hunts monsters for a living basically but he’s got quite the soft side and is on the right side of the moral compass. You also meet many other characters and love them too such as Yennefier. With magic and charm it has so much quality’s leaving me wanting more. It has nothing to do with the addictive songs by his sidekick Jaskier. The timeline is a bit hard to follow but that’s the only downside I found.

Watching some films with my toddler we got a lot more films he can now tolerate so here’s a few he has really enjoyed. Trolls, it’s colourful and has a lot of singing which he loves and we kind of like it too. The live action jungle book. He loves animals so adores watching the animals talk. My mum used to say I was obsessed with older live action version too when I was a young child. Finding nemo, elijah is starting to enjoy the world of the ocean so he loves all the colours and different animals. Charlottes web, he adores the farm and anything with animals talking in so this is a firm favourite we will try babe next after this films success.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my dribble and might find something new to watch from my recommendations!

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