Why i love kindle unlimited

Since getting my new kindle it’s been no secret I’ve been reading a lot more ebooks than I normally would. However since buying my kindle I still read paper copy’s too. There’s something about a new book that excites me to no end. But one thing I don’t really do is read outside of my comfort zone. I don’t experiment and read something random I have to really want a book to spend money on it. But I have felt this has hindered my chance to read good books as I have so heavily limited myself in the past.

This was until I decided to give kindle unlimited a try. Kindle unlimited is a very large ever growing collection of ebooks you can read and then return to read different ones. You don’t have to buy each individual book and you don’t have to have a ever growing collection. Instead you just pay a set price a month which doesn’t exactly break the bank and is only really the cost of one new book a month.

Since purchasing kindle unlimited i have read lots of new books I would not normally of read. I have read different genres and haven’t just stuck to what is popular and in the shop window with a pretty little front cover. I’ve took the time to read the blurb and decided there and then if I’m interested to read it. My favourite thing is not that I get to read different things but that I get to return them so I don’t take up loads of space in either my kindle or my ever growing bookshelf/magazine holders/ spaces on the floor/any stack of books on a surface collections. I also love that I can read the books anywhere so if I forget my kindle I can read on my phone or anything that has the app and my amazon log In.

I’m excited to read more and find more books that I wouldn’t normally read and get lost in the adventure that is reading.

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