Seeing a west end classic wicked!

No one loves the wicked!

Yesterday as a birthday treat my husband took me to see wicked on the west end. The show follows the story of the wizard of oz and the wicked witch. It shows how she became “wicked” and a different side to the “good” witch. As a child I would watch the film on repeat round my grandmas and sing the songs together and now I’m a mother, to my child. My ultimate feel good film as a child I’ve always wanted to see the west end adaptation of it. So when my husband offered to take me I did internal back flips.While my expectations weren’t exactly high I was completely blown away and absolutely adored every last second.

It started strong and continued that way through the whole show. The costumes, the special effects, the set and everything was visually pleasing and absolutely mind blowing. Strong performances throughout the complete show from start to finish I could watch it again and again. The singers where absolutely amazing. Gurlinda played the role so well and managed to create a loveable yet hated character with her urge to be liked and good. You saw things from a completely different aspect. It was nice to see elphaba (the bad witch) as good. Even when she was “wicked” she was still good. It shows how your environment and how your spoken about can change you and other perspectives of you. It was truest heartbreaking and comical at times I felt every emotion possible. It shows there’s two sides to every story and it was a beautiful, beautiful show throughout. The vocals, solo and harmonys where beautiful and gave me goose bumps throughout. The songs where beautiful and strong songs that will stick in my brain to come out randomly for weeks on end. The talent from the monkeys to the main characters was absolutely amazing there was no second to not be immersed in this beautiful show!It was a great experience and I feel truest spoilt!

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