The best sleep aids for newborns.

When Elijah was first born it was hard, we where stuck in hospital because he was unwell. 6 days later we came home and in a completely different environment. We went from constant loud beeping of machines and other children crying to silence. We knew that Elijah would struggle to sleep because of this. Before Elijah was born I had heard about how white noise helps infants sleep so we got something ready for his birth. I sleep really well with white noise so why wouldn’t he. We brought a Ewan dream sheep which works by glowing like your womb and making noises of your heart beat and noises like rain and a Hoover. It would only come on when pressed and didn’t last long so didn’t work for Elijah.

We decided to try something else and brought him a my hummy which he absolutely loved. It worked by coming on when it heard movement and could be on all night. It made lots of sounds and had different volumes. The battery life was great and came with velcro straps so can tie anywhere, we tied to his bed, his pram, his car seat and everything. It was a little expensive but we used for months and we’ll worth it. I then sold it on eBay after and got most my money back so was great purchase all in all.

I also benefited from using my phone and my amazon or echo dot but this isn’t great as you need internet and won’t have to hand everywhere you go. However it is a lot better then his choice of song to get him to sleep at time’s too which was toto by Africa.

We didn’t find good sleep aids that where night lights or anything like that as he didn’t care for them but we did get a vtech bear that lit up playing white noise and a seahorse too but he didn’t seem to care for them yet others have loved them!

Baby’s are going to struggle to sleep and that is normal. What works for some women not work for others so if you want to try a sleep aid then do! But don’t get upset if it doesn’t work!

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