Elijahs favourite toys right now

Being two nothing entertains him for long so finding toys he picks up over and over again can be a little hard. So here’s a list of something’s he and his friends like which may help others with finding toys there little ones may like.

Little figures. Be it a hey duggee set, teletubies or a set of Dinosaurs Elijah absolutely loves them. He loves lining them up, putting them in things, pretending they’re playing and just holding them. They’re great for imagination and playing alone or with others.

Animals, Elijah adores his sets of animals and he loves lining them up and naming each one. He loves animals and adores playing and singing to them. We use them for themed play and playing in play doh and sand it’s something that never gets boring.

Wooden kitchen. I brought this for Christmas last year and it’s his and his friends favourite toy. He plays with it constantly every day and every child who comes over does too. He likes pretending to cook, hide things, wash things and play with his toys on it.

Shopping trolley and food. Elijah loves playing with the fake food and putting it in his trolled and pushing it around pretending his shopping.

Lego, the type for toddlers. He loves building towers and knocking them down. He also loves building blocks and stickler bricks.

Stretchy toys. He loves pulling them and stretching them and the texture.

Trains and cars. He adores these and younger and older children love them too.

What does your little one love playing with?

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