Why relaxation is important

It’s hard not to get stuck in the negativity of the world both physically and mentally. We neglect ourselves in the sense that we are tense, over worked and we do not take care of ourselves. Being busy and working it’s hard to enjoy both family time and our own time and take care of ourselves while taking care of others. I’ve recently really been concentrating on trying to give all my love to my family, to relax with them and to relax on my own. To try and have some me time but also make sure most of our we time is as stress free as it can be. With a toddler that is hard but it’s all about trying to do relaxing things and not iver exerting ourselfs. Not being too busy or doing things we don’t want to do. Not glueing ourselves to routines while trying to respect a need for some things like a bedtime.

It’s important to practise self care and relaxing doing it. Be that having a nice bubble bath or shower and using your best moisturiser and products. It’s taking the time to put your phone away and taking a few deep breaths, relaxing your muscles from your head to your toes and letting yourself be. It’s talking to others and seeing others. It’s having me time and accepting that is okay. It’s both the silence and the noise. It’s reading a book or playing a video game to unwind. It’s a coffee or a slice of cake to relax and just take your mind of life for a second and relax into the taste. It’s taking a spa day as a treat if you can and really relaxing into it. It’s taking time to just leave reality and avoid the news, social media and everything and just be you. It may even be blogging but it is so important to relax. Going for a relaxing family walk or to see family and play games. It’s enjoying and being present having a cuddle and relaxing into it instead of being tense and rushed because of stressed feelings. Remember how important you are and how important your mental and physical health is and that you can and should always relax and put yourself first. How can we love others when we cannot love ourselves enough to have five minutes.

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