What I got in my December birchbox.

I’d apologise for this being a late post if this wasn’t my first box and having only received it today but none the less here we go. I’ve tried quite a few beauty boxes and even kept with glossy box for a year but I felt the products weren’t really me. My cousin have me a load of make up she’d been receiving in her birchbox that she can’t use due to eczema around her eyes and lipsticks she had doubles off. I was rather impressed so when I saw they had a half price deal on for your first birch box I leaped at the chance.

So it’s not took too long since ordering but again it’s been busy due to being over Christmas and New Years period. You can tailor to your beauty needs and looking at past boxes I thought the bits look like things I would like and I want to try new things! You can sometimes choose what goes in your box aswell like the colour you like or something along those lines.

So today it came and it wasn’t in a box! It came in a luxury velvet pouch which I absolutely love! I git a similar pouch for Christmas from my husband so they’ll match perfectly! It’s really soft and pretty and fits quite a bit I’m excited to sort through my make up later and use it properly. I got a rituals shower oil which sounds and smells amazing and is supposed to moisturise in the shower. I love soft skin so I’m excited to use this and have used rituals products before and loved! I also received a eyeshadow brush which you can’t go wrong with! It feels super soft and is to go with the full size forgive me Suzie eye shadows. I love rose gold eyeshadows so these will do me nicely for a natural dewy look. I also got a hair treatment wrap which I can confirm my hair defiantly needs after having it dyed recently! I also got a night cream which will always come in handy for travelling or just casual use. I also got a sponge soap from daily concepts which I’m eager to try.

I’m excited for my next box to arrive now and use all these lovely products! Thanks for reading!

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