My new found love of games.

I’m not talking video games here I’m talking more old school games. Games like monopoly, uno and any other board/card game you can think of. As times have gone past I find that nights with family and friends we’ve slowly forgotten about board games and they gather dust till Christmas time. But recently we brought our monopoly to one of our family nights and it’s reignited my family’s love for board games. Now that the sales are on I thought it’s a perfect time to buy some different board games.

We’ve started playing when people come round and when people come to ours as it’s a great way to get to know people and have a friendly bit of competition. You use your brain and enjoy time together instead of becoming drawn to your phone or the tv. I find it really brings everyone together and creates memories that last a long time. So dust of your board games or make your own and get lost in the fun!

One thought on “My new found love of games.

  1. I agree that Board Games are a lovely way to pass time and pass time with family and friend. I have enjoyed competition with my family on game of monopoly and had great times except one. My cousin (Angus pickles) was to competitive and held my mother (I will not disclose name sorry) by her throat for wanting Trafalgar square. Quite a bad incident. Time has passed and helped heal the wounds . My mother would not visit London after this for many years with fear of seeing Trafalgar square and to have to use fenchurch station to access london. We can laugh a little about it now (but not my cousin as he is not so welcome now after this incident which we have not forgotten). I agree with you Board Games are lots of fun usually.


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