Goodbye 2019

You’ve had your good parts and your bad parts but I’m glad to see you go. Time goes by so quickly none the less but the positivity of a new year is something that excitement everyone a little bit. So what’s happened this year?

The year started with quite a few ups, I made quite a few new friends and felt happy. We got married then we had our honeymoon with our son at centre parts. We had lots and lots of days out as a family and actively spent more time seeing friends and family. We got a zoo pass and have probably been about fifteen times. My mental health suffered many times but I overcame it each time and now have counselling sessions which are helping so much. I left my job. While it’s been hard leaving something that became my identity to a extent it has been the best experience and I guess it helped me see who my friends where too. Elijah turned two and we spent lots of time with his friends on play dates. It’s been lovely watching Elijah grow into a little boy and Elijah took his first steps early in this year. I’m looking forward to going in to the new year happily married and in love with my little family.

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