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Having worked on healthcare for the last 6 years I’ve only just been able to have them done now not working. My husband wanted to treat me for Christmas so said he’d pay for me to get whatever I wanted so I went for gel extensions and some nail art too.

I designed my nails with the beautician and we finally agreed on a design after me changing my mind 10279 times. Gel extentions work basically by prepping and filing your nails then applying some gel and moulding it over and over under a uv lamp. You then get the art and paint done and this again takes a few coats and time under the uv light over and over. The process is long. I didn’t expect it to take so long I as there 4 hours but the sculpting takes a long time. This may be due to the lady doing my nails being new or a perfectionist but it was a very long time to be sitting still for. Something I’d have to book for morning of having done again. Although I will say it was all worth it as I absolutely love my winter/ Christmas nails and look at them all day everyday! Next time however I will get them shorter as I can’t even put earrings in haha!

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