Taking our toddler to meet Santa.

This year we decided we wanted to meet Santa so we thought what better activity then doing the Santa experience at the zoo! We got to ride Santa’s sleigh, look at all his animals and get a cookie from Santa’s elves. Then we met Santa and got given a lovely husky teddy! The Santa was really lovely and Elijah was a little overwhelmed at first. But when Santa talked to him he warmed up and talked to him. He adores his husky and keeps cuddling and talking to him.

We took him to see Santa last year when he was one and he couldn’t of cared any less. He didn’t understand what was going on and we went more to see friends and have a lovely fry up. He was so good today and is starting to learn what Christmas is and was patient waiting in the long que.

The place was so pretty and well decorated, with lots of moving animal robots and interactive bits. We took some pictures of family’s in the que so they had photos of their special day too and then we took some with Santa. We then went to look at all his favourite animals and ride the Christmas train.I’m excited to see how he experiences it every year to come now.

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