Why do we no longer buy the radio times all year round?

It’s a silly thing I was thinking about the other week when I saw the magazine on the shelf and remembered my youth. I remember sitting at my grandmas every Saturday morning and flicking through her radio times to see what was on the telly this week. I used to read snapshots of what was going to happen on soaps and look through the boring adverts. Now it’s been years since I’ve read a radio times unless it Christmas time. I think it’s because it’s wasteful all the paper wastage each week for a highlight of tv when you can look it up online.

I think aswell we are in a generation where everything is on our phone. We have Netflix, now tv, amazon and countless other streaming services which we watch more often then normal tv. Even though we pay a ridiculous tv license for basically no reason. This Christmas I’m trying to highlight things that look good on the radio times and watch them. To watch different things. I want to start doing this with Elijah when he’s older, I want him to be getting excited to choose and watch things so we don’t miss things we might like!

3 thoughts on “Why do we no longer buy the radio times all year round?

  1. Lolololololol so right cant remember last time we brought the tv guide. I ain’t ever brought a tv lisense theres no point because i never put bbc on. Bear loves cbeebies so we watch hey duggee, octonauts and all that on my phone with iplayer. Also get to warch tv serries i love killing eve I’ve watched it loads of times.

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