Getting my eyelashes done

Something I’ve always wanted to do is experiment with things I wasn’t aloud due to my job. For my whole life I’d never had eyelash extentions or my nails done properly so I’ll be doing my nails tomorrow and I had my extentions done the other week and here I’m gonna do a little review of my experience. It may not be same for everyone but was my experience non the less.

Having them fitted, I chose individual lashes and didn’t take too long to do. The glue stung my eyes at first but I got used to it pretty much straight away. I had my eyes open and looked down and that’s all I had to do. Easy peasy.

How I looked when I had them done. When I looked in the morning I thought these are a bit much and not suiting me atall. They grew on me as the night went on and I really liked them the next day. The plus size of wearing these lashes is that they didn’t require any other makeup and I actually didn’t wear makeup atall wearing them.

Although they looked nice they where quite heavy and a bit irritating. You can’t itch your eye so you end up really irritated and rubbing around and getting no where. Washing your face is really hard to do and washing your eyelashes painful and very tricky. I ended up having my first breakout in months because I don’t feel I could cleanse and clean properly. They get dirty quickly like if it’s windy the grit gets stuck to them and again they’re a pain to clean. When they fall out in one they start to look silly and both have to come off. Taking them off is really annoying and a little painful really and I didn’t expect it to hurt. You end up really conscious about them all the time and worry you’ll knock or wipe them off constantly and constantly check none are missing. Young children are very fascinated and try to yank them off and it hurts!

I don’t think I’d get them again and would probably just wear falsies if I wanted a dramatic look again. Although they looked lovely on I honestly didn’t feel very comfortable in them and wouldn’t do them again unless perhaps I was going on holiday where I wouldn’t be wearing make up due to the sun or something. But I did feel very fabulous.

Ignore my red eyebrows and the terrible photo but I took it when I’d just had my brows waxed and boy do I go red!

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