Christmas Eve box.

A family tradition of mine has always been to give a Christmas Eve gift. Normally it would be something like some pjs with some chocolates or something for the bath or/and a activity to do. I remember being young and the excitement to open my gift, have a bath and wear my new pjs. Then sitting all excited in bed till I eventually fell asleep all shiny and comfy.

It’s something I’ve been keen to pass onto my son and husband and keep it as one of our Christmas traditions. So every year me and James have brought pjs for one another and a pair for Elijah. This year I wanted to do a little fun box instead of spoiling Elijah lots of different days with treats I got him some Christmassy treats to give on Christmas Eve. obviously he won’t eat all the sweets at once but I thought I’d give them all at once. So what I’ve got him is a little tsum tsum Disney simba that lights up which he’ll love as he adores the lion king. A Christmas cup to put some Christmas milk in before bed, colouring book to do some activities for the day, some kinetic sand to play with anything to keep him busy for the day so I can organise presents and plans. I brought him some chocolates and marshmallows which comes with a beaker which he can use aswell. He also has some pjs but they’re matching ones with us so didn’t want to give as a gift this year! I brought almost everything from Poundland or bnm so it all cost me under ten pounds which was quite a bargain. I can’t wait to see him open and play with it all. It may a bit ott but when else can I go a bit ott.

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