It’s not hard leaving a job but it is hard leaving your colleagues.

It’s quite easy to leave a job especially when you feel it is no longer the right fit for you. But why is it that we get a sinking feeling when we leave. It is because we leave our colleagues. Colleagues become friends and like a second family. They’re there everyday you come to work with a smile on their faces and ears to listen. For some reason if you have a close enough relationship with your colleagues you end up telling them everything. We tell them our life story and they share our experiences. I remember sharing my pregnancy, engagement and marriage with my colleagues as I grew and it was lovely to share it with others.

The sad thing is in reality once you leave you feel a sense of guilt. A sense of duty that you should of stayed and in leaving you feel you have betrayed them. Once you have left you miss them. It’s hard not to miss people you’ve spent the last few years of your life getting to know. I felt lost when I left. My sense of purpose was gone and the longer I’ve been of the more I miss everyone. I miss laughing with my colleagues and talking. I was interested in others life’s even if they where bored by mine and would never admit it.

Also a lot of people who you worked with and eventually called friends stop trying. You try and try and just have to accept some people no longer seem to want to be friends when they’re not somewhat obliged to be. This has hurt me and made me feel horrid and have been second guessing myself. I’ve felt alone and like I’m to blame which I’m some respects I must be but I’ve just got to accept people are busy with work and when you don’t work with them that’s that I guess. I have however made some friends for life who I continue to see often and love to spend time with catching up for coffee or meals every now and then. Sometimes I regret leaving work not because of the job because I came to feel it was not right for me but because I miss all of my colleagues so much. I miss the friendships and bonds I had. I miss hearing about my colleagues and having new and exciting conversations everyday.

5 thoughts on “It’s not hard leaving a job but it is hard leaving your colleagues.

  1. Good post… Yeah, it’s natural to miss some people you’ve worked with for a while. However, if the friendship is genuine on both sides, it should still be able to continue, even after you leave the company. Also, for any relationship to continue, the other person got to hit you up first sometime and you got to it as well… otherwise, whether intentionally or not, the two sides will lose touch if one person is doing all the reaching out. Plus, you’ll make new friends at your new job eventually as well.

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      1. You’re welcome…. I will say this though, sometime a person can have something happen in their life that can have them not reach back out to you. Therefore, before I cut someone off like it seems like they have done me I will reach out to them on two separate random occasions if I never heard back from them the first time. However, no response is a response and a powerful one at that….


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