It’s important to have time as a couple after having a child

Having a child inevitably creates a shared responsibility and lack of time together as a twosome. Although you wouldn’t change it for the world your life quite simply becomes a little more hectic. There’s no last minute trips to the cinemas at 8pm to watch a film, no more Staying up till 3 am chatting or out for dinner all the time. It’s finding childcare and enjoying a few hours of peace where you just unwind and spend half the time completely exhausted.

Sometimes it’s really important to just have time together! Be it when the child’s in bed shoving a movie on and snuggling up together on the sofa, or going out for dinner. It’s important to have some time just the two of you. If you can get childcare then utilise it as much as you can and try to make time to spend just the two of you. It’s important to remember why you fell in love in the first place. It’s important to remember what you where like as a twosome before you came more than that. You need grown up conversation even if the conversation always comes back to the kid.

So make time for each other, love each other and don’t take each other for granted.

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