My hopes for 2020…

Something I always do is look to the future, I try to find things to get excited about and it makes time go that little bit easier. One thing I always like about the end of the year is setting goals and hopes for the next year coming. It may be Silly as we all know soon enough it’s February and you’ve forgotten the promises you’ve made to yourself and you’re feeling worse for not doing what you set out to do. Never the less I always try anyway.

This year my hopes and plans are a bit easier and simpler. Things I can easily achieve and not let myself down a few days later. Things that would make me happy instead of stressed to achieve.

My first resolution as you where would be to be happy. Yes I know it’s a bit of a long shot but I want to start appreciating my life a little bit more and being alive. I want to enjoy my family and myself as I exist on this big sphere we call home. I want to stop stressing about so many little things and let things go a bit more. I can easily achieve this by turning my phone off and relaxing a bit more. Spending more time present and thinking things through. I can also achieve this by talking through negative thoughts I have instead of suffering in silence and that in itself is a hope for me too.

I want to eat healthier. I always say I want to loose weight and end up setting myself a impossible diet. I want to enjoy food and cut down on bad things not cut them out all together. By adapting this and a meat free day into my diet I think I can achieve a bit more freedom and also a healthier outcome. Any weight I loose will be a plus and I don’t have to constantly worry I’m not loosing enough every time I weigh myself.

To have more me time, since becoming a mother I never have a minuite to myself especially since becoming a stay at home mother. I want to spend more time alone, be it having a hour to sit and watch telly alone at night or go out with friends. I just want to have more time to myself where I’m not just mum or wife. Even taking more baths and walks would do wonders for this.

I want to find a hobby. I don’t want to set out looking for some random thing but something new to learn that I may think of trying would be nice but not putting pressure on myself to stick to it or complete it.

I think another easier one is to try and get out more, to leave the house more even if it’s not to see people. To go out more just me and Elijah and enjoy this time before he’s suddenly in nursery and I’m alone in the day.

Overall I just want to be more positive and not out to much pressure on myself to enjoy my life I’m blessed to have.

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