Planning a gender neutral birthday party..

My little guy turned two recently and his little best friend also turned two aswell so we decided to share a birthday party to keep costs low. Having a girl and boy share a party is a bit harder then the same gender because you’ve got to find a theme which is not to girly or manly. We came together and decided a jungle theme would be best. I was in charge of decorations while my friend was in charge of food and party bags.

I brought some lovely bits from amazon including banners, balloons and tassles to make banners. I brought bits to make a bunting and we also brought some artificial leaves to decorate the place. We brought some table covers and the paper plates and cups from Asda which where great and did the job perfectly! The napkins brought from tiger as they had tigers on and where a bit different then normal bits. I decorated and everyone helped and it came together really well. We hired a hall and a bouncy castle ball pit soft play so it went really well as the soft play had animals on so all matched. I would recommend soft play again to anyone thinking of arranging a party as the children absolutely loved it and played the whole time.

Although the party was a great success I don’t think we’d do another joint party as towards the end we both wanted a bit more involvements in bits. I wanted to help with food a bit more and my friend wanted more girly pink banners which wouldn’t of works having a theme. We made it work however and the day was a bit and everyone had fun. Next year I think we’ll just have a trip to soft play and order the kids a pizza!

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