Trip to the transport museum.

This weekend we took a trip back in time with a little trip to the transport museum. Old fire engines to prams you name it the transport museum had it. It’s very local to our town so we got to see things used in our town and even go on a very old bus that used to go down the road from us!

Elijah absolutely loved looking at all the buses and police cars. He got to go on a old fire engine and ring the bell and wear a hat! We went in all sorts of buses and to the top of double deckers where we could see the whole of the museum. We even had a go on a kids bus where he could do everything a bus driver does and he absolutely adored it! His favourite part was obviously the steering wheel!

It’s strange to see how things have changed as times gone on. It’s hard to think these buses where capable of driving around and how much cheaper bus fair used to be! Also how much more uncomfortable chairs have become, the first bus we sat on had chairs like a sofa on! The place was all lit up for Christmas and Santa was there but the que was round the building so we avoided the Santa bus! We went outside and James and Elijah where lucky enough to go in a old fire engine for a drive! When they returned we went on a very old big red double decker which my little bus mad guy loved. We went to the top and Elijah sat staring out of the window the whole way singing as we went along. I can say now that buses drive a lot better these days it was a very bumpy ride!

We had a lovely day and it was a cheep day out. There was a cafe and colouring too. Perfect place to take children who are into buses and emergency vehicles for a day out! We will come again!

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