Elijah is finally 2!

Elijah celebrated his second birthday on Friday and it was such a lovely day. It’s funny how something so small as a birthday can bring family together, people come to visit you and it’s such a happy occasion. We felt so loved and Elijah was thoroughly spoilt.

We spent the day at the zoo and invited his nanny along and she loved it too! Elijah enjoyed watching animals as always and I he loved seeing the baby tigers at the zoo. We where lucky enough to watch them being fed and their growls are pretty impressive. We had lunch their and then left to spend some of Elijahs bday money at the zoo gift shop.

We got home around 2 and Elijah had a quick power nap (10 minuites). He awoke to play with his toys till some family came round. We had family in and out all night and for a treat Elijah had McDonald’s fishfingers which he loves! We did his birthday cake and he adored his slice going around the room picking everyone’s scraps of chocolate from their cakes.

Elijah was throughly spoilt but it’s not about that it’s about celebrating him and being part of the family. We all had such a lovely day and he is such a happy boy that brings love and joy to everyone he meets.

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