Preparing for potty training.

The dreaded time has come and I’ve decided to start potty training Elijah next week as he is showing signs of readiness. So here we are preparing and getting ready for the inevitable poo/pee Armageddon. How will I be preparing?

For last few months Elijahs been wearing pull up nappy’s. We will continue to use these when out for a little while because if he has a accident when out I don’t drive and can get him home if he’s had a accident. I have brought some training pants and some inners to double protect them. We have several types of potty’s. I have a travel potty which can keep bits inside when out and about ready to be spilled out in a toilet. A house potty and a toilet seat potty for toilet training. I’ve brought some biodigrable toilet training wipes which can be flushed. We also have a step in the house so Elijah can wash his hands after using the bathroom and brush his teeth at the sink.

We have been talking about potty when changing his bum and when he goes to hide to poo we say you need the potty and get it out. We show him videos online of potty training songs and have brought books he’ll understand. We read his books and try our best to teach him nappy’s are not needed now. We’ve sat him on potty quite often for a little but at a time to she is used to it. I have brought Some absorbing pads to put on my sofas so that if he has a accident I’m not cleaning and claiming on my insurance for a smelly stained sofa. We are reading parenting books on potty training to try and educate ourselves. When we start we will also be using a reward chart. Although Elijah is too small to understand a reward chart he loves stickers so if he learns he can get a sticker to put somewhere by using a potty he will love it!

If any parents have any advice and tips please comment or email me! I’m quite worried about it all but we will get there!

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