Winter craft activities.

The weather is getting colder and with Christmas soon approaching a easy fun (albeit messy) activity is to make Christmas cards. Using hand and feet and a bit of patience you can use your little ones feet to paint a card.

What you need. Card. You can get cards with envelopes from online which is what we did to save the stress after looking in town a lot at the ridiculous prices for a sheet of card. You’ll also need paint and paintbrushes . Also a pen for writing.

Start by letting little ones paint a sheet of paper or a canvas for a gift for someone aswell. This enables them to get the excitement out of the way to paint and make a mess.

Secondly paint your child’s feet and then hold and place card under their feet hold their foot down quickly and pushing as you do it and take paper away quickly trying not to smudge. Your little one may end up loving this activity and ask for more painting of the feet over and over. With the footprints you can make Christmas trees,snowmen or reindeers. You can also paint hands too and make penguins or a Santa’s hat. You’ll just need to the painting/ drawing of faces and details.

Not only is it a great activity but also a lovely gift. A card someone may want on their mantelpiece for years to come. It is also way cheeper than buying individual cards for everyone in your family.

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