Why do people troll?

Long story short the other night I was trolled for the first time on my blog it made me feel terrible. I was called deluded, a bad mum, boring and told I should stop blogging and go back to my family and hand full of friends spouting my inane thoughts. I don’t understand why people feel the need to beat someone down. I was told I used vulgar language when I checked my blog doubting myself and nothing was vulgar. I was told I’d sworn and made up facts and again I hadn’t and double checked my self over and over. It made me feel horrid and now I am doubting my parenting and if I’m even this good person that I’m trying to become?

So why do people troll? I think a lot of it is people are angry at the world and they don’t know why. They need a way to let the anger out so they decide to make others feel how they do by spreading hate. They can hide behind a keyboard anonymously where they are safe. I understand the need the need to vent but I just wish people could just do it at home or within therapy not becoming toxic people upsetting others. I know trolls want a arguement and it fuels their anger and sadness but can they not start a arguement with the person that causes their problems? Sometimes you have to take a step back and think do I need to comment that? Will it upset someone? Do I want to upset someone? Do I need to be anonymous because I’m half way to trolling if I have nothing nice to say?

Instead of trolling if you’ve experienced yourself being unkind to others perhaps find a other outlet. Practise mindfulness, mediation and anxiety relieving exercises. Write your thoughts in a diary or try therapy. Think about the person you want to be not the person you are becoming. Try and share love instead of hate. Let’s try and make the world a better place. Let’s not make people feel terrible about themselves because you’ve judged them on their few words they’ve put online. If you think something is wrong educate someone in a polite way not in a horrid way. Remember others are struggling behind closed doors and you may make that worse. Be kind to one another and share love not pain. If you need to vent your pain I am more than happy to hear from you in my mail box.

3 thoughts on “Why do people troll?

  1. Sorry to hear you have experienced this. You have a lovely blog, written good posts and a good mum who is sharing their experiences.
    Those that troll are the problem. Maybe they have a problem. Maybe they don’t. But either way, they should not behave the way they do.

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    1. No it’s pretty horrible behaviour really, I’ve deleted the comments as was making me feel horrid and I kept re checking the comments and myself. Some people love causing problems. Thankyou for your kind words x


      1. Best way to go about it, to just delete and not respond. It’s not worth the efgort responding. You may find silence will either annoy them, or they just won’t bother anymore. If they do continue then use the block function.


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