Dealing with social anxiety.

You probably would never think some people suffer with being around others and in public. Having social anxiety has so many times effected my life and always will to a extent.

Social anxiety is when people are somewhat scared and anxious about being in a social setting. It’s when they’re nervous about being in new groups of socialising atall. It can be something like eating in a restaurant or even taking a phone call that can trigger you. Something I’ve found is when I am having a struggle with my mental health I do struggle with wanting to go out and socialise. I’ve found it became impossible towards the end of my job to not be anxious to go in and gave to be a caring person when I didn’t want to talk to strangers.I struggle to talk on the phone to others and ask people for help in situations such as locating something in a shop.

Things like talking to random people on the bus who strike up a conversation can sometimes cause me a element of anxiety too also. One thing I always have struggled with is walking through town I may act to world I’m not anxious but I get incredibly anxious in crowds. I act like I’m not bothered but sometimes I get stressed by too many people in my personal space and also feel like perhaps I’m being judged for how I look or something silly like that. Anxiety loves to make you think other people give a crap about you and what you look like.

I struggle sometimes to see groups of people so prefer to see friends one on one because it’s less stress and I don’t get so worked up when I’m not heard when I speak. I quite often get anxious in public settings so feel more comfortable in my home. It has affected my ability to receive help sometimes as I won’t go to group therapy’s as the thought of being in a group by myself talking about my feelings makes me feel quite unwell. I can’t go to group activity’s with strangers as I am not comfortable talking to others and feel I come of weird. It’s stoped me going to play groups quite often and was really hard for me to commit to the full course of hypnobirthing.

Sometimes I find it harder when it’s being a parent and taking your child out. When I take Elijah out and he tantrums and others stare it always makes me feel horrid and like I’m the worlds worst mother. I always care about what these strangers I’ll never see again will think of me and my skills as a mother.

Sometimes the world can be a bit of a grey place but I will always try to overcome it and not let the world take over my life. Sometimes i have to push myself to feel more comfortable. There have been times I’ve stayed in for weeks and in reality it’s made me feel horrid but going out regardless of the anxiety of being social and around other humans has in the long run been better for me. Sometimes doing things that scare us can be the things that help us most.

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