Breast or bottle? Who cares?

This is going to be one of those posts that probably triggers someone but I don’t care. I’ve found more and more people are becoming judgemental how babies are fed. I don’t know why people get so concerned with what a child is eating but they do.

I always see people moaning about parents who formula feed. People will comment on posts the most vile comments brining down a new mother’s confidence. People outright say out loud and give their unneeded opinions. People say it’s unnatural, it’s going to make the child ill or dumb. Those people often don’t even know if they where formula fed before starting a debate judging others. Should we judge mothers for feeding a child formula? No! Sometimes mother’s cannot feed their child for health reasons, they cannot feed their baby due to issues bonding, baby or mother being unwell, medications, mastectomy and many other reasons which are still nobody’s business. My hats go off to mother’s who formula feed as all the washing up, sterilising and preparing feeds are pure stress and added work parents could do without. Can I also point out that if a child does not have a mother what are they supposed to drink? Air? Formula is safe they wouldn’t make it and sell it if it was unsafe. It is basically like taking a vitamin giving you things you don’t get from your food. It doesn’t make you dumb or any less developed then other children.

Breast is best. That is proven but sometimes it’s just not possible for all parents. Those who do breastfeed also get a lot of hate too. People expect mother’s to cover up, do it in another room or people just find it disgusting for some obsurd reason. Now I’m not saying whack your tittys out in the middle of a restaurant for all too see your nip nips as that’s normally when anyone would have a issue but when it’s done discreetly without seeing full boob in public what is people’s issue. I remember when I would breast feed In public people would stare. It made me feel so uncomfortable and self conscious. I felt urged to put a blanket over my child but why should I when I don’t eat under a sheet? I was discreet so why a issue if you can’t see my boob?

I combi fed my little guy as long as I could which was a few months. He never latched long enough and never got enough from me and needed formula. He needed formula when I had no milk because he was in hospital unwell and wasn’t getting any better as he wasn’t eating enough. I struggled to produce due to my traumatic birth and post natal depression which came from that and Elijah being in hospital for a week. I tried to express but would never get more than 30ml. Eventually he didn’t care if his formula had breast milk in or not. I could be there for a hour for no reason and ended up exclusively formula feeding. I would used to feed him on breast till James had mixed formula and breast milk or I had and then he’d drink that after but eventually he didn’t want to latch as I wasn’t producing enough.

I think us mother’s and just basic human beings who need to big mother’s up because it’s a hard ass world out there. Why can’t we stop referring to milk as breast milk and formula? Why don’t we say oh my child’s drunk so much milk today instead of boobie or formula? Also if you did one thing don’t judge what someone else is doing and keep your mouth to yourself. Also it’s none of your business how other children are fed so do not ask. Let’s just say your doing a great job mumma and your child seems healthy and happy. A fed baby is best and always will be. What works for you won’t always work for someone else and we need to accept that sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Breast or bottle? Who cares?

  1. Great post and so true.
    I have seen mothers breastfeed discreetly, but never stared after to watch the full event, because its just personal between mother and child.
    Those that complain, when nothing is on show, they just have notbing better to do.

    It certainly comes to choice whether breastfed, or formula, as you say. No one should be pressured for either. It’s what’s best for mum and baby.
    Mum couldn’t breastfeed me, so it waa formula.

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  2. Hi I’m entitled to blog a NON biased opinion and open a discussion. Where have I stated it was invented back then as I know full well it wasn’t. I am stating I don’t believe breastfeeding was a issue then. I suggest you get your facts right before trolling.


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