Sometimes it’s good to have me time.

Whether your me time includes sitting watching a series in bed or having a bath we all need a bit of me time. Whenever you become someone who’s either a parent or partner to someone you give up the freedom of having your own space all the time. And sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you love spending time with other people you need that me time. It’s very difficult when you live with others to just separate yourself of to have some me time but sometimes it can be really good for all party’s involved.

When I first moved out i had different work patterns from James so we had a lot of me time and enjoyed every minuite together as quite frankly we didn’t see each other enough to want me time. When I changed job I had more normal hours so again there was some me time but not a lot. When Elijah came along me time was out the window for quite a while and going back to work I didn’t have much me time either. But now since becoming a stay at home mum and experiencing the stress of not having the option to be left alone at times I’ve certainly come to love me time.

Whether it’s having a bath when Elijahs gone to bed with some relaxing music and candles. To watching a tv series when he naps I sometimes need that time to unwind and not think about what I need to do and entertain others. I try to get James to have me time too, sometimes I’ll say you play a game and I’ll have a bath and when I’m done you can have a bath and I’ll read a book. Sometimes we enjoy me time together in The same room doing our own little thing but just in the same room. For example I’ll read a book while James plays on his xbox or he’ll edit photos while I’ll watch tv.

Sometimes we need a break like when Elijah goes to his nans sometimes. I used to feel guilty when Elijah went to his nans like I’m supposed to spend every minuite of his life with him. But he loves his nans house and she loves him coming over. He asks to see his grandparents daily and always comes back pooped from all the fun. Not to mention when he comes back he misses me and gives me the biggest cuddle which melts me. We also need the break from each other sometimes because when he’s been tantruming all week and I’ve been getting irritated sometimes it’s good just to take a breather and destress. So that we can sometimes just but that reset button with a positive mindset.

Sometimes it also helps to leave the house. Sometimes you want to be your own person and go out and destress with none of the baggage of another person where if you want to do something you can without the stress. Sometimes it’s good to let your hair down even for a few hours. A trip to the hair dressers or to see friends can feel amazing.

On Wensday night I went to bingo and it felt really good. Don’t worry I’m not a gambling addict because I haven’t been to bingo since Elijah has been born I know right shock horror I haven’t been to bingo in two years. I had a discount code so we had dinner and a game of bingo it was quite a laugh and it was nice to be distracted by something else. Sometimes it’s nice to identify as Charlie again not mummy or wife. We also won double our money back again so every cloud I gusss! We both try to go out every few weeks in the evening so we have that me time. We normally always go at 7 when Elijah is in bed so he doesn’t miss one of us when we leave.

Although I adore being a mum and wife I will always need me time. Because sometimes you need to handle your feelings and destress. If you’re constantly wanted and talking you can feel a lot of pressure and struggle so sometimes you need to sit in a bath or watch a show in peace and that is okay. If you’re feeling particularly down be selfish and relax because sometimes that is what you need to be at you best.

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