What age is a good age to go trick or treating?

Something I always see every year at my door is children too young and teenagers knocking on my door. Now I don’t mind trick or treaters I quite enjoy coming and seeing their outfits but one thing I don’t like is when children are to young or too old.

I personally wouldn’t take Elijah out at 2 in a thin costume knocking on doors for candy. First of all Elijah doesn’t understand he isn’t allowed to eat the candy immediately and will have a tantrum on someone’s door step. Secondly he’ll try and walk into someone’s house which makes me very uncomfortable. If you’re taking a older child trick or treating and your kid is going with them I don’t see as much a problem as they learn from that. But young children do not need candy in their diets so why take them to collect candy? I think I’ll wait till Elijahs 4 to take him when he can understand what is going on and understand he’s not to go in strangers houses or eat the candy immediately. A few of my friends are taking their children at 2 or younger and I think that’s great if they think there children will enjoy it. I’m not judging parenting here so if you want to take your few month old child that can’t stand to get you some candy then do so! However you may have a few people that do think why does a baby need candy or why is this toddler screaming on my step or trying to come in my house. If I was to take Elijah trick or treating it would be to family members house only which we might do tonight as he’d be able to experience getting candy for dressing up with people he’s comfortable around.

On the other side of things I think there are always children to old to be trick or treating I stopped at 12/13 which I thinks the perfect age to stop. I’ve had kids that look 16/17 on my door and I’ve told them to go away. I think parents need to say to their kids do you not think you’re a little bit old to be dressing up to get candy? This also intimidated me a bit when I have rude teenagers in a gang at my door and no doubt scares elderly people worrying they’ll be robbed or hurt if they don’t give in to whatever they want or have their house egged. It still annoys me a lot of shops won’t sell eggs near Halloween as kids buy them to egg houses.

So take your kids whatever age you want but just think are they going to enjoy it or are you going to enjoy it more?

6 thoughts on “What age is a good age to go trick or treating?

    1. I took Elijah to my mums house to see her so he could dress up and my grandmas to see the rest of my family he didn’t understand nor care he just wanted to eat the candy and put the rest in his bag! I’ll go when the tantrums calm down 😂


  1. I only went trick or treating once. I think I was seven. Why, is a long story, but I think 12 is pushing it age-wise. I always found it ridiculous to see high schoolers who made very little effort to attempt a costume come begging for candy. Enjoyed your post. Happy Halloween!

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  2. Well we changed our minds and and decided to be brave and went trick or treating anyways cos you inspired us to get costumes Bear was a mad scientest and I was a sexy-zombie-cheerleader. All the neighbours said he looked so cute and behaved sooo well only took one sweet and said thank you in the cute lil way he does. He even gave some sweets to some older children who had missed out when people had ran out of sweets. No tantrums in site! He was askin about trick or treatin again tonight lol how cute xxxxx

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