My baby is almost 2!

In two weeks my little guy will be a whole two years old. The time has gone so fast I haven’t took a second to pause and appreciate each and every moment we’ve had together so far. I find myself looking back at photos and sobbing because he’s grown so quickly and there’s nothing I can do to stop that.

He is becoming such a bright, loving boy and I am so proud of who he is growing into. They say toddlers are hard work and it’s not a lie although we’ve had our many ups together the tantrums can be a very big down and distract us sometimes from enjoying what is the now. I am always excited for birthdays and a excuse to shower Elijah with gifts and love and show him how much he means to every single person in his life. Here’s too the last few weeks being one and making lots of memories before we become yet another year older and I might have to stop referring to you as my baby soon. Soon we will have potty training and an even bigger attitude but I can’t wait to just enjoy you being my little boy just that little bit longer. I am privileged to be your mummy and always will be. Every time you say my name my heart beats that little but faster and my ice cold heart melts.

One thought on “My baby is almost 2!

  1. My lil Bear will be 2 soon too!! He is just the wonderfullest lil man even if his dad is the worst human bein. Bears been potty trained since he was six months old, he is just such a smart guy 🙂 well I hope you have a loverly party planned for him and he is so lucky to have such a lovin Mama xxxxx


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