Am I a good parent?

Something all parents question is if they are a good parent. If you’re a parent who doesn’t question that then that’s great for you and I aspire to have your confidence. But as one of those who find myself questioning my parenting I’m starting to think maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe I’m doing it right because I’m questioning myself and not just thinking that’s it I’m great!

I know in my heart I am a good parent. I am always there to teach elijah right from wrong. When he is upset I am always here and listening making him feel okay again. I spend a lot of time teaching him everything I know and trying my best to educate him in anyway I can. I shower him with love and try to learn from how I was raised to be better. I know that he loves me and he is never without anything he needs or sad.

But why do we question ourselves? I guess it’s human nature to second guess everything. Sometimes we have times we are exhausted and don’t have the energy to play 24/7 or sometimes we put on the tv for five minutes peace. Sometimes we feel like we’re being bad parents because we won’t let them live of chocolate and tiny human gets mad. The guilt starts at pregnancy for some parents. Am I talking to the bump enough? Is the mother eating enough and what she’s eating is it right?

It’s something that will never go away, when your child is an adult you’ll still worry if you see them enough or have done enough for them. Just remember that even when you feel you’re not a good parent to sit there and think is your child happy? Because a happy childhood is all that matters and I can guarantee your acing parenthood day by day. It’s a big bad world out there but you are a hero for making it through each and everyday.

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