We had a Halloween party!

As per my previous post on how I brought lots of cheep decorations for a little kids party we finally had the party last night and it went great!

We brought some food on Thursday and prepared the food overnight on Friday night and Saturday morning. I spent Friday night making spooky cupcakes and brownies and the morning making bits and bobs for the guests like hot dogs, sandwiches and more. We blew up a lot of balloons and Elijah helped (blew his hand) and threw them around the room. Elijah and I set up the tables and he brang me the decorations to put up it was quite nice working as a team.

The place looked quite nice and we just put some music in the background. We all dressed in fancy dress and had a blast doing it. Elijah loves his dinosaur outfit and will no doubt wear again. We didn’t do any games as the party was for toddlers and the oldest children where happy playing too. We just got all the toys out and the kids had a blast and let everyone help themselves to the buffet. The kids all had fun and played nicely and then we cleaned toys away and played with balloons. The children took balloons and candy home and had a fun time. It was nice as we had 9 children come so wasn’t too many people and wasn’t to hectic either!

By the end of the night when everything was cleaned away, we felt so loved to have such lovely friends. We where so greatful for all who also cooked and brought food for us all to share and had made such a effort to make them Halloween themed too! It went down a treat and a nice little party for all his friends and our friends too! We will do this again another year but for now just to relax and prepare for Elijah and his little friends birthday in a few weeks time.

6 thoughts on “We had a Halloween party!

  1. I always would try add coriander to improve the taste you must no not all ingredient available all times. Sweet potato. I have no trouble with Alan titchmarsh but not matter to talk about here with the soup but I do see him on tv with the soup in his hand.


  2. I must apoligies i did not want to post my post about soup on this blog . Sorry we was talking about autumnool soup on other page a good debate. Your Halloween food look amazing maybe pist recipe for cup cakes.my italian friend ( Lorenzo Bocanegra) made Halloween meringue for Halloween but trick or treat person person through it at house


  3. Awh how cute is that!!! I was wonderin what to do for Bear and his lil friends and now I’m going to do this! Where did you get his costume? Where did you get decorations? Amazing! I love baking to so will get busy making lots of scrummy cakes! Willndo games though cos you have too at a party!! I cant wait! Thank you so much for the inspo xoxoxoxox

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