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Do we want another pet?

Sometimes the idea of another pet really tempts me. After all we now own our own house and require no permission to get any sort of animal we’d like now. But do we want a pet now?

We’ve had two pets together since living together and although we’ve loved both of them we had to give one away. Milo our African Pygmy hedgehog was rehomed to a new home after being so hard to look after with a newborn. Check out my previous post on my hedgehog for more info why. So with that being said we aren’t really looking for something that doesn’t give us love and affection and is hard work. We had a Chinese dwarf hamster named pebbles optimus prime Hazelwood and he survived 4 long years! Pebbles was such a loving little guy and we didn’t mind cleaning him out as he would sit on us as we cleaned him out and loved being held and wasn’t really hard work to look after. One day I may get Elijah a hamster if he decides that’s what he wants.

I used to have a dog and my family all have dogs and I miss having something to cuddle with on the sofa. There’s nothing like the companionship of a dog. Going for walks with Elijah and the dog would be lovely and Elijah having a little friend to get into trouble with is just lovely. I loved being a child growing up with dogs and chasing them around and looking after them too. James has never had a dog but absolutely adores dogs.

I think when Elijah is in school we will get a dog. Because dogs take a lot of work and I don’t want Elijah climbing all over them upsetting them at such a young age and would like to be able to train it and have the time. I want Elijah to understand animals and how to respect them. I want to have a pet when we’re ready and not make the decision on a whim. When we’re ready we’ll do it but for now our family of three is complete.

2 comments on “Do we want another pet?

  1. MamaPaigey says:

    I have to work you my bear got worms from my sisters dog licking his face. I aint spoken to her in over a year now she wont take responsibility for it. Little soldier has enough going on with his health. He got asthma so we had to rehome his hampster Pikachu, my heart broke into a million pieces when he went. Bear was so sad we got him a pygmy goat instead. Scape and Bear are inseperable. If you want a pet I recommend pygmy goats there so loving and fun just like dogs. So sweet you are thinking of getting him a pet your the beat Mama xx

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  2. Omar Pond says:

    I’ve bean reading your blogs for a while now and wow just love you content so thanks for sharing. I have been careful off dogs since my son accidentally consumed dog fecees when we walked in woods. Hamsters and in door pets seem better because of much less chance of eating the fecees . I agree that respect big thing for a imals I had issue with a horse who I looked at aggressive not on purpose and it hit me with its nose . I am so careful now with the horses. Thabks again for sharing

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