Making time with your best friend.

We always try to make time for our friends but do we take the time to remember our best friends? I mean yeah we talk to them constantly and can meet up every week with our children. But do we remember to take the time to be just us and hang around together? No kids or others?Quite simply no. For some reason or another be it childcare or being busy/ tired can get in the way of quality time where you can have a conversation that’s grown up with a few swear words thrown in. Where you can just talk unfiltered and not have to run off and chase the toddler making a run for it . Where you can share memories and just talk and have fun. Go where you want to and do what you want to as you used to. As a parent we always think about having me time and going out with others who don’t have kids as they are free more. We also prioritise using free time to go out with partners so that you can keep that freedom alive for the both of you. But sometimes it’s good to see your best friend and remember that they are one of your nearest and dearest too. So ask them out be it coffee or something WITHOUT the kids if they have them as sometimes you just want to be completely real again. Sometimes it’s not possible and we meet every week with our kids but it’s still nice to take the time just us two and be able to relax together.

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