Enjoying the little things

Having a toddler it’s hard to enjoy the little things when your world goes by so quickly. This morning we got up and did our morning routine. As much as I adore a lay in I’m becoming fond of our routine. I love coming down with Elijah chatting away as we make breakfast, Elijah stands with me and talks to me as I make it and tells me what I need to get such as a bowl, spoon, milk and cereal. He gets so excited and I love watching him dance around excited for what’s next. We sit and have breakfast together and I don’t feel lonely as I used to when James would be at work and on my days off I would be alone. I enjoy how Elijah eats by himself now and I sit and think how clever he’s become, he doesn’t make a mess and tells me when he’s done and tells me how much he enjoys the food by saying “a NICE!! Mmmm!” Tilting his head back smiling!

I enjoy getting him dressed in the morning, I enjoy picking outfits and letting him choose. My favourite thing to do is buy him lovely clothes and letting him choose what to wear everyday. I love him looking stylish and his little confident stride as I compliment how lovely he looks everyday! Boys probably going to have the worlds biggest bead by time he’s in school!

I love playing with him. I love he can play alone too, but I love when he brings me his toys because he wants to include me. I love playing together and pretending to be different characters or doing an activity pretending it’s real. I love doing arts and crafts and activities he needs me for as it’s nice to be able to help him do things he can’t normally do. I love teaching him. I love showing him the world and explaining what it is and teaching how to be a good person. I love our chats about animals and daddy and will never get bored of saying lion 197227726 times a day as he gets so excited. I love watching his imagination work away as he plays or thinks and talks.

I love having a cuddle, it’s rare now but I absolutely adore it. It makes it all worth it. It makes me feel like his mummy again and not just someone who does everything for him. I love it when he tells me he loves me and calls my name when I leave the room. I love hearing “muummmmmy where are yooooouuu “ and his excitement when I return. I love how much he loves everyone and shares his love. I love how he shares his toys without a problem and insists on sharing! I love watching him learn and his mind working and how proud he is of himself and how proud we are.

I love when I read him story’s and he sits twiddling his fingers and trying to read it with me sitting cuddled up to me on sofa or in his story tent in his bedroom. I love how he insists on a big cuddle before bed and taps our backs as he does so. I love watching him dream and how cosy he looks and how I ache missing when he would sleep on my tummy but now he’s his own boy and wants his own bed. I love being his mummy.

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