Wedding talk: part four- Bridesmaids.

Picking your bridesmaids can be hard work but I chose 4 of my nearest and dearest friends to be mine. People who I knew if I ever needed them they’d be there. So how did I choose? Basically I didn’t think about it I just basically knew and I think if you don’t know they shouldn’t be a big part of special day.I didn’t make the girls think they’d be bridesmaids, I told them I was asking other people and I think it made them think they weren’t going to be asked. I asked them by sending them a confetti popper filled with dried flowers and the question would you be my bridesmaid in. I didn’t ask in person so they all loved the surprise and got back to me immediately. For my flower girl I sent a bracelet with “Will you be my flower girl?” on and it said on it she’d get a wish and when it broke it would come true. Also sent through post as surprise.

Before the hen do I thought the girls should meet so it wouldn’t be awkward. I created a group chat where we talked all wedding things. I arranged a meal and to go shopping for wedding makeup for the girls as they wanted to do their own. They all brought the same lipstick which matched and decided on what look to go for. They all got on very well like a house on fire and started planning hen night.

For the hen night I didn’t want to do much. I’m quite an anxious person and the thought of people looking at me and doing something to make me look like a tit made me feel quite sick. I said I’d be happy with getting wasted and having a nice meal. We where going to go bowling but I decided I needed a few more cocktails in me. The girls surprised me with lovely decorations and sashes and it was lovely. There are some pretty atrocious photos of me after a few drinks so I won’t be posting the before and after photos they got of me! We all (those of us that could) got very drunk and had lots of fun. It was a great night and it was lovely the amount of people who say congratulations to you all night. The night ended with a kebab of course in my tiara after almost starting a drunken fight with some guy who kept trying to touch me! Classy as always.

The night before the wedding Taryn my unofficial maid of honour stayed over if it wasn’t for her I don’t know how I’d of got through the night or morning. I don’t show it but I was excited and frightened as I hate spotlight being on me. On the day of the wedding the girls all arrived at around 8 am and we all got ready together taking in turns to get our hair done by the hairdresser. I did all the girls eye make up for them (the same again) and they all looked amazing. We all shared make up and bits and while I had a make up artist do my make up it was lovely to help with theirs. My mum arrived mid morning with a feast and we all ate carefully to avoid getting food on our Prestine make up. Getting into the dresses made it all real and I got nervous because everyone was looking at me in my dress and the thought of doing it in front of others made me want to pass out but I knew I was going to be married soon and got through it. The bridesmaids went in one car and my best friend Taryn came with me and my dad In wedding car. Once we got there my worry got more and more but the girls calmed me down and stopped me killing my photographer for trying to take photos of me while I was stressed out. They all looked absolutely beautiful and did brilliantly all day I couldn’t of chose better people if I’d tried.

I really enjoyed my day with these girls and dancing all night even if I was a bit anxious all day they continued to keep me calm and carried on without me when I left the photos as I’d had enough and just wanted to see my husband.

I hate this photo of me but I love it because it’s with my best friend and she’s like a proud mum in it !

This photo was taken before I got separated from my bridesmaids and Taryn stopped me from having a mini breakdown, while my dad stood there like Christ Bridezilla has entered the room.

Just so you know these dresses cost me like 30 quid each by the way.I know right bargain! just goes to show you don’t have to spend a fortune to let someone’s beauty shine through. I originally asked the girls what they liked and looked online we where going to look in shops but same things where online. All the girls loved what I’d selected and it was lucky I got dresses that fit all them without needing a seamstress. When I ordered the dresses one of the bridesmaids was 15 weeks pregnant and would be 30 at the wedding so I ordered her the size up and it fit perfectly! It’s not all about money at a wedding it’s about you, your commitment and your friendships and family relationships all coming together to fill each other with love for that special day.

You need your bride squad and your best pals and I’m so incredibly greatful to Bryony, Taryn, Sammie and Zoey for their friendship and their help on my special day.

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