Hello October!

It’s finally feeling like autumn. The rainy weather and chunky knit jumpers have come back with a bang and I am totally here for it. This month we’ve got lots of exciting plans with friends and family! We’ve got a dinosaur day at the zoo, our yearly pumpkin picking session, Halloween party and lots of days out and meals planned! I for one totally love this spooky season and wrapping up warm. The darker evenings mean I can enjoy my fairy lights longer, make a hot chocolate and slip into my pjs sipping on said hot chocolate. The time of year a hot bath actually relaxes you as you don’t feel uncomfortably hot.

This is the month I normally start buying Christmas presents and finish off Elijahs birthday presents. I cannot believe he will be 2 next month!! Our little nipper will of graduated fully to terrible twos and I don’t know whether to celebrate it or cry in a corner that these tantrums are gonna get worse. I’m excited to start putting pumpkin spice in everything and start the seasonal baking. We may have already made some Halloween shape biscuits but doesn’t count if you where just testing your cookie cutters.

Very excited for this month and to spend time with everyone and very excited to start to put on scarfs and Beany hats and not sweat pushing around a buggy. I’ve started my diet so I’m planning to exercise more around the house and make use of my exercise bike in the summer house taking my audible books out with me. Slightly warmer than it would be to carry on my long walk /run at 7 after Elijah goes to bed. Time to really enjoy Elijah being young. Time to enjoy jumping in muddy puddles, collecting leaves, doing arts and crafts and exploring the season together. I’m super excited and can’t wait to write more posts about things I get up too! But for now I’m off to cook some comfort food the best bit about a english autumn is a nice home cooked cottage pie!

3 thoughts on “Hello October!

  1. Now what I read at the end of your post, was what I was thinking while reading near the beginning, while you was talking about Elijah becoming 2 soon.
    Yes, jump in puddles, make crafts. It’s an excuse to be a kid yourself and you will both be laughing. Enjoy yourselves. It sounds like you all have something to look forward to.

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