Books which teach little ones life lessons.

When choosing books for little ones i always just get fun books i think he will enjoy bright and colourful is the main thing i like to look for. However i saw a few books in the works on deal and for 3 for 5 it was hard not to not browse. I had spent quite a while looking for little books that teach lessons in a kind way and these books do just that.

Tiger has a tantrum is the first book that I looked at it is something that grabbed my attention straight away. Elijah is really going through the tantrum stage and this book teaches him how to understand his feelings and not be naughty. Essentially it uses pictures and words to explain this in a nice kind way as well as the other books.

It’s not always easy to share The book about sharing is also a good book which shows from the child’s perspective that is having other children snatch from them.It shows how the act of snatching makes them feel bad and how the other child is snatching. It shows also something as a mum i didn’t realise i did and make my child share everything because another child wants it. I know think and tell Elijah to tell the other child done he is playing right now and they can play together or wait till her is done. It shows what its like for that person when you snatch from and teaches not to snatch and you do not always have to share. A very intresting take on explaining sharing which would be great for older brothers or sisters.

My favourite book is Harrison Spader personal space invader. This book is really great it teaches not to squeeze when cuddling, touch other people all the time, sit to close and lots of other things. One thing ive found with elijah is that he can be very cuddly, i love this about him but hes started cuddling children so hard they fall over a bit of gentle guidence is really good.

I know at this age hes not going to take in the information but reading over and over as he gets older i think hell learn and it will help him understand more about his feelings and others. If it can help Elijah with tantrums, sitting on us constantly and insisting on rugby tackling his mates with love i am all for it.

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